2017 I-CYS Symposium Poster Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Poster Award at the I-CYS Symposium - At the Intersections of Childhood 2017: Digital, Indigenous, and Youth Issues. 

Best Poster, Graduate Category:

Ashley Henrickson. Ashley is a first-year MA History student. Her poster entitled "Uncovering the Lost Voices of Canadian Children in the Great War" won best poster as determined by a jury of 5 panelists.

 "The I-CYS Symposium gave me the opportunity to share my research and participate in engaging discussion about youth. My poster examined the letters children wrote to the Maple Leaf Club, a children’s club hosted in the Family Herald and Weekly Star, during the Great War (1914-1918). Specifically, it examined how the children’s letters demonstrated both their patriotism and realistic understanding of the dangers of war. Thank you to Victoria Holec and Amy Mack for all of their hard work that made this event possible! It was a great opportunity to gain conference experience in a welcoming and thought provoking environment."  - Ashley Henrickson


Best Poster, Undergraduate Category:

Angie Nikoleychuk. Angie is a second-year Psychology student. Her poster entitled "Autism, iPads and Interaction: Designing Technology for Independence and Intimitable Minds" won best poster as determined by a jury of 5 panelists.

 "It's a rare opportunity, and huge honour, for a second-year undergrad student to present research. So, when the call for I-CYS Symposium came up, I jumped at the chance. And, it was worth every moment. I was worried about presenting the first time, but that didn't last long. I was guided through the process of paring down my information, creating the poster, and the presentation process. This helped, but it also made the experience enjoyable and fun from start to finish.

The biggest benefit of presenting I-CYS was in my research. Not only was I able to present my work thus far, but I was able to collect feedback from a multitude of professionals in a wide range of disciplines. The connections I made will be priceless in my academic career going forward. I can't wait for next year!" - Angie Nikoleychuk

Check out Angie's post accompanying this poster: http://www.angienikoleychuk.com/musings/