Booking an Appointment

Booking an Appointment

How to book an appointment with the Health Centre:

  • Email the Health Centre at to book an appointment
  • Both phone and in person appointments are available 
    • Please note some concerns may require you to come to an in person appointment vs a phone appointment
Is this your FIRST visit to our clinic?
  • Click here to complete the New Patient Demographic Form
What to bring with you to your FIRST appointment:
  • Completed Patient Demographic Form, see form above
  • Pertinent Medical Documents
  • Provincial Health Care Card
  • Student/Staff ID Card

Providing the Health Centre with the purpose for your visit is essential:

  • To ensuring that you have sufficient time and are booked with the appropriate Provider.
  • You will only be seen for the concern stated at time of booking, additional concerns will need a new appointment.

The Health Centre has a strict policy in regards to arriving late, cancellations and missed appointments.

  • Arriving Late: 

    • If you running late and are unsure if you will make it to your appointment on time call or email the Health Centre to inform the staff you will be arriving late.  Health Centre staff will inform you as to whether you need to reschedule or if there is still time that day for you to be seen.
    • If you arrive late for your booked appointment and have not informed the Health Centre, you WILL be required to rebook your appointment and MAY be charged for the missed appointment.
  • Cancellations:

    • Booked appointments must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.
    • Failure to do so MAY results in a charge.
  • Missed Appointments:

    • If you do not show up for your booked appointment you MAY be charged for this missed appointment.  

*The Health Centre will not be accepting walk-in during the COVID-19 Crisis*




Please note that there are some services that are not covered by provincial health plans.  Some of the most common include:

  • Transfer of medical record
  • Travel advice and immunizations
  • Some de-insured procedures 
    • e.g. wart treatment (above the waist)
  • Forms, reports or letters*
*You or a third party - such as an employer, insurance company or school - may request that a Physician complete a form, report, letter, etc.  Provision of these types of uninsured servies requres the time, expertise (and office materials) of the Physician and his/her staff.  In some cases, a physicial examination may also be required.  You (or the third party) will be charged a fee to cover these costs. 

For more information on uninsured services, please visit the Alberta Health Website.