Philosophy (MA)

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Length of program

Full-time: 24 months Part-time: 48 months

Mode of delivery

In person

Program consists of:

  • Thesis
  • Coursework
  • Co-op (optional)




Summer, Fall and Spring

Program description

The Department of Philosophy is home to a group of professors whose research is recognized across Canada and beyond. Our members have published in some of the best journals in the field, have national and international reputations for their work, and have made contributions to important debates on a broad range of issues. We take our teaching work just as seriously as our research.

For the M.A. program, students are required to complete courses, a Thesis, and a Thesis Oral Defence. Three to six graduate term courses or equivalent (9.0 to 18.0 credit hours) are required for this program. Students develop their programs in consultation with their supervisors. Course descriptions of courses offered at the University of Lethbridge are available in the course catalogue. You can also view the dynamic schedule on the Registrar's Office website to see what courses are being offered and when.

Finding a supervisor

​Students are required to secure a potential supervisor prior to submitting an application for this program.​ For further information please visit our Search Supervisors page.

In case of discrepancies between this page and the Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue, the Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue shall prevail.

"Doing philosophy allows us to better understand our ideas, both as a group and as individuals. At the individual level, philosophical reflection can help clear away one's own misconceptions. At the group level, the philosophical tradition can be understood as an ongoing, centuries-long series of conceptual refinements of which we are all beneficiaries."
-Jason Schultchen, MA Philosophy 2020

Additional information

Visit our department page to see some of the current graduate research happening in our department. If you have questions about philosophy at the University of Lethbridge, need assistance or advice, or if you would just like to stop by for a visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.