Estimated Costs for Graduate Students

It is important to be realistic about how much your cost of living will be each month. If you are single and plan to share your accommodations, you need to plan to spend a minimum of $1,150 a month on living costs. If you choose to live alone or are bringing your family, your costs will be higher. It is important to ensure you have adequate funds to cover your academic and living costs for the year without depending on work from outside sources.

Typically, graduate students choose to live off campus. The cost of living off campus varies depending on the type of accommodations you choose (e.g. living with roommates, living alone), and other lifestyle choices. The figures below provide an estimate of the range in cost of living off campus (lower range for single students in shared accommodation; higher range for families and those preferring not to share accommodation).

Note: These estimates represent minimum living expenses only and do not include your tuition costs.

Expense Estimated cost (per month)
Rent and utilities $550 to $1,200
Food/Groceries $300 to $500
Personal Expenses and clothing $300 to $500
Local Transportation (City Bus Pass) Included in student fees
Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan1 $0
TOTAL $1,150 to $2,200 CAD

1 Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan is provided at no extra cost