French (MA)

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Length of program

Full-time: 24 months Part-time: 48 months

Mode of delivery

In person

Program consists of:

  • Thesis
  • Coursework
  • Co-op (optional)




Summer, Fall and Spring

Program description

In Alberta, French was brought to the province by the fur traders and was the first European language spoken here. There are approximately 265 000 native French speakers (2% of the total population) in Alberta and the number of proficient French speakers is on the increase. In Lethbridge, where the coulees dividing the city are named after the French verb “couler” (to flow), the French language and Francophile community is alive and well.

For the M.A. program, students are required to complete courses, a Thesis, and a Thesis Oral Defence. Three to six graduate term courses or equivalent (9.0 to 18.0 credit hours) are required for this program. Students develop their programs in consultation with their supervisors. Course descriptions of courses offered at the University of Lethbridge are available in the course catalogue. You can also view the dynamic schedule on the Registrar's Office website to see what courses are being offered and when.

For more information about this major, please contact the Department of Modern Languages at

Finding a supervisor

​Students are required to secure a potential supervisor prior to submitting an application for this program.​ For further information please visit our Search Supervisors page.

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