Education (MA)

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Length of program

Full-time: 24 months Part-time: 48 months

Mode of delivery

In person

Program consists of:

  • Thesis
  • Coursework
  • Co-op (optional)




Summer, Fall and Spring

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Program description

The MA (Education) is a research-based program intended for individuals wishing to focus on a specific research question. Typically, this would involve theoretical, versus classroom-based, research in the area of education. Students will complete a minimum of three courses, and should be committed to devoting independent effort in the completion of the Thesis, which forms the central requirement of the program. Course descriptions of courses offered at the University of Lethbridge are available in the course catalogue. You can also view the dynamic schedule on the Registrar's Office website to see what courses are being offered and when.

At the master's level, a Thesis involves close collaboration between supervisor and student. Consequently, it is necessary for a candidate to establish contact with potential supervisors prior to application for admission. Given the research-intensive nature of the MA (Education), this program would be appropriate preparation for a PhD in Education. Individuals seeking a course-based program completed within a cohort are advised to refer to the Master of Education offerings.

Note: The MA (Education) program does not lead to a recommendation from the University for Teacher Certification. Individuals seeking Teacher Certification in the province of Alberta should refer to the Bachelor of Education program.

In case of discrepancies between this page and the Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue, the Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue shall prevail.

Finding a supervisor

​Students are required to secure a potential supervisor prior to submitting an application for this program.​ For further information please visit our Search Supervisors page.

My research focuses on writing instruction practices and how they are or are not rooted in pedagogical theories. After completing a deep exploration of writing pedagogy, I crafted a construct model for effective writing instruction rooted in those pedagogies.... My thesis work was so meaningful to me, not only as a person, but for my own teaching practice that I am humbled that it is proving to be valuable to others as well."

Kacie Neamtu (BA/BEd '11, MA '21), Master of Arts Graduate and Silver Medal of Merit recipient

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