Students For Students

The Food for Thought Initiative would like to acknowledge and celebrate all the wonderful students who have contributed over the years. The success and expansion of this impactful program is thanks to these students, who have shown great interest in assisting their peers. Each student has brought their own interests and expertise to these programs and, in doing so, we have seen exceptional growth within the diversity of programs put forward.
Applied Studies and Work2Learn student Bryanne Wandler

Bryanne Wandler

Hi, I'm Bryanne Wandler (B.Sc. Geography), I started as an applied studies student in spring 2023 then reapplied to be a Work2Learn student from May 2023 to April 2024. Over the year and a half I was involved I organized the Growing Students Wellbeing Fair, stocked the Little Library Pantries, managed the community garden initiative, organized/facilitated LPIRG Free Produce drop dates, and designed/operated the opening of the Bodega. My involvement within this initiative led me to research student food insecurity for my undergraduate honour's thesis and I will be forever grateful for these experiences. 

Maryam Wattoo Food for Thought Work2Learn Student

Maryam Wattoo

Hey there, I am Maryam Wattoo (BHsc Public Health). I was a work2learn student in the Spring of 2024. I helped out with the grand opening of the Food For Thought Bodega. I also coordinated my own workshop and talk for Nutrition Week as well as contributed to the Food Literacy Program by giving a presentation on Food Insecurity. This program helped me use my Public Health skills and apply them to the real world.

Alexandra Lennox

Hi, I’m Alexandra Lennox (B.Mgt. Human Resources & Labour Relations). I was the Work2Learn student at the Calgary Campus in the Spring 2024 semester. During this semester, I promoted various initiatives and events and approached prospective community partners and donors. I also coordinated a workshop on food insecurity and healthy eating. This role allowed me to apply my business knowledge to a real-world setting.

Applied Studies Student Jason Funkhouser

Jason Funkhouser

Hello, I am Jason Funkhouser (B.HSc, Public Health) and I completed an applied study with Food for Thought in the fall of 2023. I filled the campus food pantries every week, and am contributing to the Food Literacy Program, where I develop and facilitate workshops regarding barriers and solutions to food insecurity among post-secondary students. This opportunity has been a catalyst to my desire for a career in health promotion and health education.

Work2Learn student Sara Hutchinson

Sara Hutchinson

Hi, I’m Sara Hutchinson (BA Archaeology) and I was a work2learn student with Food for Thought in the summer of 2023. I assisted in updating the website and creating promotional material. This position inspired me to go on and be more involved with addressing food insecurity in my community and volunteer at our local food bank. 

Independent study student with Food For Thought Myla Sept

Myla Sept

Hi, my name is Myla Sept and I graduated with a BA. In Psychology in the spring of 2023. I conducted a research project with Food for Thought surrounding student food insecurity.