Little Library Food Pantries


What are the little library food pantries?

The little library food pantries are pantries around campus stocked weekly with food for students. This food is free and meant for all students so you are welcome to take what you need from them!

You can find the pantries located at; 24 Hour Study Space (Library, Floor Ten), ULSU Floor Two, Markin Hall Floor One, Science Common Floor Six, and Fine Arts Floor Four. You can also use this map to locate them. 

The pantries are stocked by members of the campus community. If you are in need and find the pantries empty, please check out the Bodega nd our other resources.

The pantries are stocked with a variety of snacks, canned goods, carbohydrates (ex. pasta, ramen packets), menstrual products, and breakfast foods. 

We appreciate any and all support towards the pantries. Anyone can feel free to donate non-perishable items or cash at the Students' Union Office as well as volunteer. Please contact Crystal Volk or Diana Letts if you are interested in volunteering with the Food For Thought Initative. If you want to adopt a pantry, meaning you would stock it about once a week, budget to bring around $250-$300 of non-perishable groceries weekly. Please fill out this form to adopt a pantry.