Online Resources

Online Resources

Whisk is an online platform that lets you meal plan and build grocery lists based off your meal plan. It has an expansive database of recipes with health information about them so you can make informed choices on what you're eating. 

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Cronometer is an online platform that lets you track your food, biometrics, and exercise. This can help if you're struggling to understand your nutritional needs and how to meet them. It can also help you breakdown what nutrients are in common foods that you eat. 

Try Cronometer has a section of their website devoted to health and fitness. In this section, you can find resources to help you plan out your nutrition and become more aware of what you need to be eating to thrive. 


Canada's Food Guide lays out guidelines for eating healthy. These guidlines can help guide you towards healthy food choices and nutritional eating. 

Canada's Food Guide

Alberta has its own health guidelines and resources apart from the Canada-wide guidelines. These not only include guidelines for healthy eating but has guides for adults and children as well as a healthy food checker tool. 

Alberta Health Guidelines

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides guidelines and suggestions on healthy eating. You can also learn about nutrition and see updates in the field of nutrition research on their website.