Food Literacy Programs

We provide Food Literacy programs on campus!

 A new and upcoming program you should be on the lookout for is our Lunch and Learns! All students are welcome to take part, typically they are about 30 to 60 minutes, where you can learn about a variety of topics. In addition, there is lunch provided for all who attend and we account for most food allergies and preferences. Stay tuned for future Lunch and Learns offered in the Fall of 2024! 

Healthy Eating Made Simple

In the Spring of 2024, Maryam Wattoo and Alexandra Lennox each gave a talk at the Lethbridge and Calgary campuses about how to eat healthier. Their talks went over misconceptions around healthy eating, how to read nutrition labels, and more. 

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Snacks and Facts: Misconceptions about Food Insecurity

In the Spring of 2024, Food for Thought hosted a talk with three speakers Sharra Fullersmith, Bryanne Wandler, and Maryam Wattoo who all spoke about food insecurity through a variety of different lenses. Sharra Fullersmith focused on her research with the white middle class in Lethbridge at the Interfaith Food Bank. Bryanne Wandler spoke about university student's experiences with food insecurity related to access, affordability, and stigma. Maryam Wattoo discussed the health implications that long term food insecurity has on the brain and body. 

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Breaking Barriers: Unpacking Student Food Insecurity

In the Fall of 2023, Jason Funkhouser presented a talk about relationships between hunger and student food insecurity. Where students collaboratively identified and discussed social and systemic factors affecting students' food security at the University of Lethbridge.  

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Awareness to Action: Building a Hunger Free Campus

In the Fall of 2023, Jason Funkhouser presented another talk building off of the concepts covered previously that centred around solutions the University of Lethbridge could take to build a hunger free campus. 

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