LPIRG Fresh Food Programs

We partner with LPIRG to provide fresh food programs!

Bag of produce available to students who signed up for a Fresh Food Box.

Fresh Food Boxes

These are boxes of Fresh produce brought in to the university once a month. You can check the posters around campus for dates when they're avaliable and you must sign up ahead of time to recieve one. There are boxes suited for one person, two people, or three to four people. These boxes are completely free, though you are welcome to make a donation to support the program. 

Fresh Food Box Schedule

Line up of free produce for students

Produce Pick-up

Once a month, fresh produce will be brought onto campus for students. It all has to get eaten so we invite any student who sees the tables to pick up any items available. Please remember to bring your own tote bag and see the signs around campus for the dates the produce cart will be out. 

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