Food for Thought initiatives come to fruition with help from our donors.

Dr. Jennifer Mather

Dr. Mather is currently a faculty member of the Psychology Department at the University of Lethbridge. Her areas of expertise include behaviour of cephalopod molluscs (octopuses and squid) Schizophrenia, Women in Science, and Excellence in University teaching. She is highly dedicated to providing students with meaningful education and ensuring student wellness remains high at the U of L. In Fall of 2022, she supervised an independent study in the Psychology department where the student preformed a survey about food insecurity amongst fellow psychology students. Beyond, this work Dr. Mather continues to strive for accessibility and advocacy in the fight against food insecurity. 

Dr. Jennifer Mather

Initially I wanted to give some money to the Food Bank or a similar program because someone commented to me that it wasn’t just students that used it, there were others working on campus that needed it too. While students are often poor, we take it for granted that this is temporary, but I thought it was totally unacceptable that others on campus were long term so poor that they needed to use the Food Bank.  

The quote “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life”.  The Food Bank should be a stopgap, we need (to do) more. Then I began to read about Food Deserts, and to realize that the campus is one.  This has to change.

As a member of the campus community? Because, as COVID-19 has emphasized, we are all in this together and should all help each other.

As a student?  You aren’t passive receivers of an education but participants in a campus community.  You should help others, and in the process, you will find friendship and skills that will stay with you for life.

The education component. Students often come to campus with little knowledge of good food, how to maximize their money, how to make healthy choices… even recipes for how to cook simple cheap food quickly.  We are an educational institution, but there’s lots more to learn here than what is offered in the classroom.

Mac Nichol

Mac Nichol Executive Director of the Food Bank




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Born in Calgary, Mac grew up loving the outside and being a part of his community. Volunteering with the local community Ice rink group “The Rink Rats” at 13 started his passion for working for his community. During high school he was part of many leadership programs, and helped with tutoring and teaching health programs to younger students. Graduating a year early he decided to take some time to decide his future and started working for an outdoor clothing brand. He soon found it fun and exciting to be in the world of business, eventually managing all three Calgary Eddie Bauer stores. Mac has a need to learn and knew that university was something he needed to pursue. His uncle suggested the University of Lethbridge, which started the spark that turned into a love of the city. To make it through his political science degree, Mac worked as an events coordinator/ Driver/ operations assistant at Interfaith Food Bank. Working at the Food Bank revealed the impressive efficiency and importance of food banks in our society.

This led to a passion to help ‘Feed the Need’ in our community. After graduating Mac eventually found a more permanent position working for the Lethbridge Shelter as a Team Lead in the Stabilization section. Working with our most at risk population opened his eyes even more to the work needed to make the community a better place for all. After a few months at the Shelter Lethbridge Food Bank was on the hunt for a new Executive Director and knew Mac would be a great fit. Over the Last two years Mac has helped bring over 250,000 lunches to children in need, 20,000 hampers to households, and started outreach programs such as Mobile Food Support. Mobile Food Support is one the programs he is most proud to have started. Bringing support to those who have little to no access to food has made Lethbridge Food Bank an even more important part of the community.



Thinking Ahead Giving Back (TAGB) is Chartwells’ vision and commitment to being a collaborative thought partner in creating a safe, dynamic, and thriving campus community. Through TAGB, food insecurity is one of the challenges we are tackling together with our community partners.  The Food for Thought program at the U of Lethbridge is an excellent example of this.

Not only does this program assist with actual food insecurity but it also gives students a learning opportunity in this discipline. Chartwells is pleased to be able to support The Food For Thought program through Agility and eagerly wait the initiatives students pursue each year. In Fall of 2023, an applied studies student worked closely with us to organize a nutritious meal offered to about 90 students during two workshops put on by Food For Thought.