Short of Funds? Need a Snack? 

The Bodega is pilot project that grew from the the 6 Little Library Food Pantries around campus. After filling these pantries over the last year we saw the need grow, but were unable to quantify how many students may be accessing these pantries. So, the idea of the Bodega was born and set into motion in January of 2024. Students are welcome to stop by for a meal and a snack once a day. There is a variety of non-perishable items to choose from that fit into anyone's dietary restraints. The Bodega is located in SP157 in the Student Union building down the hall from the Collective Centre and the tunnel. 

Hours of Operation from April 8th until August 29th are: 

Monday through Thursday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm 

Stay tuned for the Fall and Winter Term hours!