Parking Violations, Parking Lot Permit Prefixes and Enforcement Times

Tickets may be given to the owners or operators of motor vehicles who fail to obey the parking and traffic signs.

These are City of Lethbridge Traffic Violations and unpaid tickets are subject to the penalties as outlined.

Parking ticket appeals are handled by the University's Campus Mobility Services department.

To appeal a ticket please do so by clicking the following link:

Tickets are paid at City Hall or online at the City of Lethbridge's Online Services and Payments.

Click on the link below to view City of Lethbridge Traffic Bylaws.

***If you appeal a ticket, please do not pay for the ticket until you have received the decision, as we can not issue refunds***

Parking Lot Permit Prefixes and Enforcement Times
Permit Type / Lot Name Stall Type Permit Prefix Permit Identifier Letter (s) Enforcement Times
Permit Areas
Days of
General Parking
Lot E Non-Plug EGN E 0800-1700 Mon-Fri
Lot F Non-Plug FGN F 0800-1700 Mon-Fri
Lot N includes pay and park Non-Plug NGN N 0800-1700 Mon-Fri
Residence Parking
Lot RR Plug-in / Non-Plug RRN R 24 Hours Mon-Sun
Lot N Non-Plug NRN N 0800-1700 Mon-Fri
Special Parking
Lot C includes pay and park Special CSN C 0700-1900 Mon-Fri
Lot H permit stalls Special HSN H  24 Hours      Mon-Sun
Lot K Special KSN K 0800-1900 Mon-Fri
Other Parking/Permits/Parking Types
Lot D Pay and Park NA NA 0700-2300 Mon-Sun
Lot G includes pay and park Non-Plug NA NA 0800-1700 Mon-Fri
Lot H pay and park Pay and Park NA NA 0700-2400 Mon-Sun
Lot J (Reserved Stalls) ALL NA NA 24 Hours Mon-Sun
Lot S pay and park Pay and Park NA NA 0700-1900 Mon-Sun
 NOTE:       Wheelchair accessible stalls are enforced 24/7 however a U of L permit is only required for posted times. Provincial placard at all times.
Reserved and Service Vehicle stalls are enforced at all times
No parking on roadways at any time