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In preparation for License Plate Recognition (LPR) a new form of Parking Enforcement coming on campus, please start a new parking habit of nose-in parking starting December 10th, 2021.

  • Student, Faculty & Staff Parking


    Parking Permits| FAQ

    2021 Fall uLethbridge Permit Lottery

    For the upcoming academic year September 2021 –August 2022, student parking permits will
    be drawn through a lottery system, as was the process in previous years.
    Students living in residence will apply for a parking permit during their Check-in through
    Housing Services, not through the parking lottery.

    To be eligible for the permit sale you need to be an admitted student at the University of
    Lethbridge by July 8, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.
    Your offer of admission must be accepted and, for newly admitted students, your tuition
    deposit must also be received by July 8, 2021 at 4 p.m. to be included in the lottery.
    Please take into consideration the expected delivery date of your tuition deposit, including the
    length of time for Canada Post mail delivery and online banking processing times.
    All correspondence about the permit lottery will be sent to your student “@uleth.ca” email

    **For more informatioin please go to the Parking Permit tab**

    2021 Summer uLethbridge Parking Permits

    Starting April 19th 2021, students in need of purchasing a parking permit for Summer 2021 are to email parking@uleth.ca for permit in Lots E, N or R (available only for housing student) or utilize Pay and Park areas when attending campus. Emails will be accepted in the order they are received.

     Permit holders will be required to pick up their parking permit at TH101, University identification is required.

    Currently our office is working off an appointment basis.

    Please book an appointment at https://go.uleth.ca/facilities-pickup to pick up your parking permit.

    Summer Session 1 - $70.00

    Summer Session 1 and 2 - $90.00

    Summer Session 2  - $65.00

    Summer Session 2 and 3 - $70.00

    Summer Session 3  - $65.00

    *No Refunds on Summer Permits*


    Students living in residence will be selecting parking permits though the Housing Check-In this year, not through the student lottery. Permits will be available through Check-in Date TBA, ending August 5th, 2021. After August 5th, students will be required to email parking@uleth.ca for permit availablity. 


    Important message for Payroll Deduction Permits Placed on Hold due to Covid-19:

    **Please be advised parking permits will no longer be held for the 2021-2022 academic year (Septmeber 1st, 2021 to August 31st, 2022). Please contact our department via email (parking@uleth.ca) by 11-Jun-2021 to confirm your permits re-activation or cancellation. Any permits not renewed by the deadline will be automatically forfeited. If you choose to cancel your permit, you will then be responsible for making other arrangements for parking and may not be able to get access to your preferred parking area as a result. **

    Permit holders will be required to pick up their parking permit at TH101, date to be announced. Campus Mobility Services will send an email out to all permit holders when permits are ready for pick up.


    Staff members in need of purchasing a parking permit are to email parking@uleth.ca for permit options.


    Employees have the option of purchasing their permit through payroll deduction. Payroll deduction applications normally purchased online are now unavailable.

    Faculty, staff and Students may purchase a general parking permit in any available permit parking lot on campus, except those areas reserved for resident students.

    Please contact Campus Mobility Services at 403-329-2602 for assistance.

  • Visitor and short term parking is provided in various parking lots around campus. Parking is provided in Pay and park permit parking areas.

    Customers may purchase temporary parking slips using coins or credit cards (not prepaid or debit credit cards) or through the use of the HONK mobile phone app.  Depending on which Parking lot is selected parking can be for time periods of 1 hour to all day. Rates are $2.00 per hour.  Pay and display parking is available in the following lots.

    When parking in a short term parking, please ensure that you park in a designated parking stall first before completing your purchase using  Pay and display or the Honk mobile app.

    • Lot D and H - 1 hour minimum-1 hour maximum
    • Lot C - 1 hour Minimum - 4 hour maximum
    • Lot G / E and Lot S- 1 hour minimum-2 hour maximum
    • Lot N   - 1 hour minimum-8 hour maximum

    With the exception of Lot G all parking stalls for pay and park zones are lined in blue, with blue posted signage.








    Depending on the nature of your visit or frequency of visits to campus, Consultants and/or Contractors requiring parking on campus have the option to use Pay & Park lots, or purchase daily, weekly, or annual Contractor permits directly from Parking Services. Purchases are invoiced to your business only, no cash payments are accepted


    Consultants and/or Contractors working under the authority of the Facilities department requiring parking on campus are required to report to their Facilities contact (i.e. Facilities Manager, Project Manager) to purchase their parking permit. These permitsmust be pre-arranged by the Facilities Contact and will be invoiced to your business by Parking Services. Parking permits are only valid for the duration of work.

  • Campus Mobility Services operates as a full cost recovery operation under the Executive Director, Facilities. Revenue to support the department is primarily generated through parking fees, which are tied to the reinvestment for future capital improvement services, repairs and maintenance to existing parking facilities and the purchase of services required to operate the parking system. Current rates are located here: