Requesting Transcripts

Viewing or requesting a copy of one's official or unofficial uLethbridge Transcript are both accomplished online via your Bridge account.

Phone requests for transcripts will unfortunately not be honoured as the student's written consent via uLethbridge's online Bridge form, will always be required before an Official Academic Transcript (which are confidential documents) can be released/issued to the requesting parties.


UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT - A digital (non-MyCreds) copy. Completing this process on a laptop or PC works best.

  • Bridge log-in > "Student" tab > Student Records > Unofficial Transcript > Transcript Level: All Levels | Transcript Type: Unofficial Transcript > Submit > Ctrl + P on your keyboard > "Save to PDF" or "Print to PDF" > save as local file on personal device
  • There is no cost associated with generating one's own unofficial transcript

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT - (1) A hard copy original, stamped with the university's seal, delivered by regular letter mail (from the Lethbridge Campus) in a sealed envelope OR, (2) an authenticated digital MyCreds copy, sent directly from uLethbridge to another institution.

  • Method 1 (Hard Copy): Bridge log-in > “Student” tab > Student Records > Request Official Transcript > complete online form, as instructed.
    • Under normal circumstances, official transcripts will take anywhere between 2-5 business days to be generated and eventually delivered to their intended destination, if in Canada. Will take longer if delivery destination is outside of Canada
      • With each hard copy transcript request, a complimentary official digital copy of it will also be uploaded into the secure MyCreds digital wallet
  • Method 2 (digital MyCreds Copy): Bridge log-in > “Student” tab > Student Records > Request Digital MyCreds Transcript > complete online form, as instructed.

Should the student be found to still owe any fees to the university at the time of request (including late library fees), then their transcripts will not be released until the former's balances are paid in full/zeroed out.


*** The non-negotiable charge for all official transcript requests (digital or physical) is currently $10.00 CAD, per copy. Students will be prompted to enter a valid VISA or MasterCard number via the Bridge's online form to charge this fee to. Additional charges may be applied to those requests involving other delivery methods beyond regular letter mail (e.g. fax, courier, etc.) ***


Note: If you are a former student and cannot recall either your old log-in credentials for the Bridge or your 9-digit student ID number, then you will need to connect with the ULETH IT Solutions Centre (7:30am - 5:00pm, Mon-Fri) at 1-403-329-2490 (City of Lethbridge number) so that one of their staff members can disclose your prior ULETH username and additionally reset your Bridge password. The answering technician may ask a few questions to verify your identity.


Questions? Any and all official transcript-related matters are exclusively managed by the uLethbridge Student Enrollment & Registrar Services (SEARS) Office at the Lethbridge Campus as a centralized department, regardless of the specific campus the individual student currently studies/previously studied at or eventually graduates from. Please connect with them at either or at 1-403-320-5700 (City of Lethbridge number) for any guidance or clarification as it pertains to either the processing or the eventual issuance and circulation of your official physical/digital uLethbridge transcripts.