Sam Booth | Psychology



“Don’t underestimate the value of practical experience! Join clubs, do an independent study, get some volunteer experience, challenge yourself, and never stop learning. Taking your degree beyond the classroom exposes you to new ideas, endows you with valuable skills, and establishes a professional network that can assist you in your post-graduation endeavours.”

Favourite Class: Culture, Evolution, and Human Social Life
Favourite Social Activity: Joining clubs and academic groups
Favourite Study Spot: The library, overlooking the coulees

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Conducting research in David Logue’s Birdsong Lab over two semesters

  • Continuing my research in the Birdsong Lab with an NSERC USRA award

  • Working as a research assistant in the Barrett-Henzi lab, studying children’s play behaviour

  • Joining the Psychology Book Club and Animal Behavior Reading Group

  • Having the opportunity to take classes from a variety of disciplines outside my major