Current Students

A major in Psychology will help you develop skills in analyzing and interpreting complex material, particularly as it relates to behaviour. You will learn theories of how people interpret the world and act in it, as well as theories of human behaviour.

As a Psychology major, you will learn from those at the forefront of psychological research. Our Faculty members are regularly published in the top journals and make an ongoing contribution to an ever-advancing field.

Some Psychologists have gone so far as to call Psychology “The Propaedeutic Science”—meaning that everyone should take Psychology in order to understand their “built-in” perceptual and cognitive tools in preparation for any other type of scientific or social inquiry.

While this may represent an extreme view, it does emphasize the focus on developing a deep understanding how people and other animals “work.” Whatever your view on the topic you will inevitably become a more savvy and critical consumer of evidence-based information related to people’s behaviour such as self-help, psychological and medical advice.

Unlike many academic disciplines, the subject matter dealt with in Psychology usually has a direct bearing on the day-to-day experiences of people; this makes it easier for students to focus on problems, and, so, learn how to use the tools of the discipline to solve them.

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science have a number of special opportunities available including:

Graduates from these disciplines have gone on to work in such positions as: addictions counsellor, vocational rehabilitation worker, human resources officer, professor and crisis intervention worker.