Brayden Pitcher | Psychology



“Strive for the courage to get to know your professors! Either through office hours, after lectures, or through independent or applied studies; this is what really helped me progress to where my goals were academically. It also opened the door to many other areas, like research opportunities (honours thesis). U of L professors are really caring and want us to succeed and are very willing to help with any questions or concerns. Also, do not be afraid to talk to your classmates and find study buddies! Doing this has really helped me with studying, and working together to understand difficult concepts is important because we could teach each other and solidify understanding. It is also nice to have someone who has your back if you need notes from a missed class or just someone to hang out with between classes

Favourite Class: Abnormal Psychology
Favourite Social Activity: Meet the Profs event
Favourite Study Spot: Either at home at my Kitchen table, in the Library, or in Dr. Mather’s Lab

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Favourite professor: Dr. Jenifer Mather
  • Volunteering: With the Accessible Learning Centre (I was doing an applied study)
  • Very interesting and enjoyable classes (Psych of Choice, Psych of Aging, Abnormal Psychology)
  • Psychology Club - social gatherings and activities
  • Created long-lasting friendships