Minor in the Philosophy of Law

Blindfolded, Injustice, Justice, Lady Students who wish to complete a Minor in the Philosophy of Law need to take six courses. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about this minor: katharina.stevens@uleth.ca.

Required courses:

Philosophy 2001 - Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 3404 - Philosophy of Law

Philosophy 4404 - Advanced Philosophy of Law

Two of:

Philosophy 2236 - Environmental Philosophy

Philosophy 3401 - Social and Political Philosophy

Philosophy 3402 - Biomedical Ethics

One of:

Indigenous Studies 2100 - Indigenous Peoples and Law

Management 3010 - Business Law

Political Science 3241 - Canadian Constitutional Law: Federalism and First Nations

Political Science 3245/ Women and Gender Studies 3245 - The Charter, Gender, and Social Change

Alternative courses may be counted toward the minor provided (1) they are clearly related to Philosophy of Law and (2) they are approved by the Chair of the Department of Philosophy.