Independent Studies

An Independent Study Philosophy course is a course in which a student, under the supervision of a faculty member, engages in independent reading and independent research, typically culminating in argumentative research papers. If a student wishes to take an Independent Study course, the student should approach a faculty member whose research and/or teaching interests align with her proposed topic. If a faculty member and student agree to a topic, they will also reach agreement on the course expectations and the method of evaluation. In accordance with UofL guidelines, students taking an Independent Study will be required to complete the course material and course requirements with a minimum of supervision. It is typical that a faculty member and student will meet every second or third week, to enable the supervising faculty member to ensure that student is making timely progress.

Students are advised to inform themselves about the interests of the faculty member(s) they want to approach by reading their profile(s).

Doing an independent study can be a great way to prepare and write a paper that can go places. Read one inspiring story here.