Dr. Janay Nugent (BA '95)


Lecture Topic: The empowerment of young people in tumultuous times

Janay Nugent (BA '95)
Dr. Janay Nugent (BA ‘95) has been teaching in the Department of History (and occasionally in Women and Gender Studies and Liberal Education) for seventeen years at the University of Lethbridge. Her research on the history of children and youth in seventeenth-century Scotland explores how young people coming of age in challenging historical contexts used their voices and actions to shape the tumultuous worlds in which they lived.

Historically, young people are consistently on the front lines of change. In our rapidly evolving world, the opportunity to shape future directions of society, our communities, and one's own personal life awaits our students. In this talk, Janay attributes her own University of Lethbridge Liberal Education (BA History '95) with providing her with a voice and the tools to shape her future. This talk encourages students to consider how their own Liberal Educations could become a powerful tool of adaptability and a way to contribute to our rapidly evolving society.


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The empowerment of young people in tumultuous times