University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA) Council

The ULAA Council and its members work in partnership with Alumni Relations to support the broader University community. By connecting alumni with each other, supporting student success and celebrating the outstanding achievements of all alumni, council members foster a culture of pride and success within the institution.


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Alumni Profile - Jason Elliott

Alumni have always played an important role in the University community and the U of L Alumni Association (ULAA) has been key in that process. Whether at ULAA executive meetings, or board and senate …

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2019/2020 Council 


President | Jason Elliott (BMgt ‘95)
Vice President | Jason Shriner (BA '98)
Treasurer | Nick Gabbin (BMgt '17)
Secretary | Tony Montina (BSc '08, MSc '10) 
Alumni Association Directors | Iso (Isoken) Ogumbor (MC '19) | Neal Shade (BA ‘10)
Past President | Michael Gabriel (BA ‘04) 
Manager of Alumni Relations | Lyndsay Montina (BMgt ‘09) 
University Liaison Director | Vacant
Students' Union Representative | Andrew Gammack
Board of Governors Representative | David Johnson (BMgt '12)
Graduate Students' Association Representative | Lauren Zink
Iniskim Indigenous Chapter President | Mike Bruised Head (BASc ’80, BEd '98)
On-Campus Alumni Chapter President | Tony Montina (BSc '08, MSc '10)
Calgary Chapter President | Steve Palmer (BA '05)
Honorary President | Dr Mike Mahon
Honorary Treasurer | Nancy Walker (BMgt ‘82)