University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA) Council

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA) Council represents more than 48,000 uLethbridge graduates who make up the Alumni Association.

Council works closely in an advisory capacity with the University Office of Alumni Relations to provide guidance and assistance in strengthening the relationship that alumni of the University have with their alma mater and each other.

The ULAA is currently accepting applications to join Council. Applications are being accepted for the roles of President, Vice President and Director. If you are a passionate alumni advocate for the University of Lethbridge and are looking for a meaningful way to give back, consider applying.

All applications must include a current CV (curriculum vitae) and a personal letter stating your experience and suitability. Those applying for the President or Vice President roles must also include 2 letters of reference.

Please note that applicants may be contacted for an interview.

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Expectations of Council members include:

  • Attend and actively participate in all regularly scheduled meetings in person, by telephone or via video link.
  • Represent the Council on committees as required by the Council or the University 
  • Participate in the selection, celebration and stewardship of Alumni Achievement Award recipients
  • Enjoy the alumni experience and be willing to speak openly and positively about the University to others
  • Engage in the identification and cultivation of volunteers for various alumni and University positions.
  • 2-year term, with the possibility for renewal
  • Serves as the Vice-Chair of Council
  • Serves on
    • The University Board of Governors
    • The University Senate
    • Various committees, as required.
  • 2-year term, with the possibility for renewal
  • Serves as the Chair of Council
  • Serves on:
    • The University Senate
    • Various committees, as required.
  • 2-year term, with the possibility for renewal
  • Serves on various University committees, as required.

For a full overview of Council responsibilities, please see the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association Rules of Operations.


Join the ULAA Council! Submit your application before May 27, 2022Apply Now


2020/2021 Council 


President | Jason Elliott (BMgt ‘95)
Vice President | Jason Shriner (BA '98)
Treasurer | Nick Gabbin (BMgt '17)
Secretary | Tony Montina (BSc '08, MSc '10) 
Alumni Association Directors | Iso (Isoken) Ogumbor (MC '19) | Neal Shade (BA ‘10) |Amanda Stevens-Guille (BSc '17)  | Jennifer Cummings (BA/BMgt '98)
Past President | Michael Gabriel (BA ‘04) 
Manager of Alumni Relations | Lyndsay Montina (BMgt ‘09) 
University Liaison Director | Vacant
Students' Union Representative | Jonathan Diaz
Graduate Students' Association Representative | Lauren Zink
Iniskim Indigenous Chapter President | Mike Bruised Head (BASc ’80, BEd '98)
On-Campus Alumni Chapter President | Tony Montina (BSc '08, MSc '10)
Calgary Chapter President | Steve Palmer (BA '05)
Honorary President | Dr Mike Mahon
Honorary Treasurer | Nancy Walker (BMgt ‘82)



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