Social Innovation


Agility is working with the School of Liberal Education to bring hands-on learning experiences related to social innovation projects to all University of Lethbridge students. Agility currently supports the following social innovation projects:


Food for Thought Initiative

supports projects put forward by members of the University of Lethbridge community that support initiatives related to sustainable accessibility of healthy food for University of Lethbridge students and community. Students interested in becoming involved can complete a credited course or volunteer. We are currently seeking a student interested in developing an institutional Food Charter and working with the Students' Union Food Bank.

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Campus Ecology Project

aims to connect local First Nation leaders, expert faculty members, and dedicated students to create a sustainable campus through applied research. Participating students can either receive course credit through an Agility Applied Study Cohort or volunteer for the project. The Applied Study Cohort requires each student to complete an individual research initiative and meet collectively to inform the direction of the project. Their research and practical components assist with re-introducing native plants species and increasing environmental health on campus alongside First Nation knowledge keepers and industry leaders in the community and on the University of Lethbridge campus. This project works closely with Blackfoot Elders and Knowledge keepers and passionate community members. This project is open to all disciplines. We are currently seeking students interested in developing an Indigenous GIS, creating a project website, creation of an Indigenous Project Management system, historical analysis of the U of L campus grounds, First Nations culture and storytelling projects, plant and animal primary research on campus (soil sampling, identifying native plant species, prairie restoration with a focus on crested wheatgrass, etc.), or other projects students are interested in pursuing.

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Liberal Education 3350: Themes in Innovation Course

helps students develop the skills of a liberal education, especially those of creativity and innovation for dealing with complex problems. Creativity, philosophy and history of technology, and social change are all at the core of the course. Students will be introduced to the foundational ideas that contribute to the innovation culture, which is built upon the principles of problem-solving, designing and building solutions, sharing a common interest in hacking and tinkering, and supporting community growth through collaboration. The course will consist of guest lectures and hands-on workshops on topics that include design thinking, creative problem-solving, social impact and rapid prototyping. In addition, students will put into action these skills and foundational ideas to solve problems related to a theme. A variety of topics will be introduced to help provide students with ideas to identify their final projects. This course is offered in the Spring Term.


Bruce McKillop Agility Fellowships

are awarded to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students who want to directly impact his/her fellow students at the University of Lethbridge. Under the supervision of the Student Support Coordinator and/or Faculty Supervisors, Agility Fellows will design, plan, and deliver hands-on learning experiences relevant to Agility’s mission and vision. The intent of the Agility Fellowship is to bring experiential learning to the forefront of the student experience at the University of Lethbridge. The purpose of this fellowship is to enable students to become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and communicators.



Open Assistance

available to any U of L students or faculty who has an idea or is seeking assistance related to social innovation. Agility will work with you to bring your social innovation to life through funding and programming assistance.



Dr. Jennifer Mather

is currently a faculty member of the Psychology Department at the University of Lethbridge. Her areas of expertise include behaviour of cephalopod molluscs (octopuses and squid) Schizophrenia, Women in Science, and Excellence in University teaching. She is highly dedicated to providing students with meaningful education and ensuring student wellness remains high at the U of L.



Bruce McKillop sitting in chair

Bruce McKillop

an alumni of the University of Lethbridge, has stated that his “liberal education gave him the skills he needed to succeed in business”. Bruce's generous gift will allow students an opportunity to use their acquired liberal education skills to learn about entrepreneurism and risk-taking in a supportive and safe environment. This fund will greatly impact the development our innovative leaders of tomorrow.



TD - Friends of the Environment Foundation

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Founded by TD Bank Group in 1990, the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) is a national charity that funds environmental projects across Canada.