RBC Agility Award

Purpose of the RBC Agility Award

The RBC Agility Award intends to bring experiential learning to the forefront of the student experience by providing new innovative learning opportunities for students and to strengthen our connection with Southern Alberta family and small businesses (SMEs). Recipients of this award will work to support Agility initiatives, student entrepreneurs, SMEs, non-profits, support prototyping in the Agility Innovation Zone, and/or bring their own ideas to life.  

General Qualifications

RBC Agility Award recipients will be continuing full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at the University of Lethbridge. These students will have demonstrated engagement in Agility programming, (e.g. participation in; sponsored courses, projects and competitions, working groups, workshops, Agility Fellowships, etc.) and/or interest or participation in entrepreneurial activities. 

Term of Appointment

RBC Agility Award recipients will typically have a term appointment of 4 months. Start dates are dependent on terms, and will normally commence at the beginning of each term per the academic calendar. The recipient must report to begin duties by the dates listed below unless otherwise agreed upon: 

  • September start for Fall Term 

  • January start for Spring Term 

  • May start for Summer Sessions  


The number of appointments is dependent upon funding and left to the discretion of the Executive Director of the Teaching Centre & Agility or designate.  

Renewable or Non-Renewable

RBC Agility Awards are eligible to renew their term of appointment. Re-applicants must be aware that new applicants might be granted first consideration for available positions.  


Undergraduate Student Fellowships | $2,500 for approximately 120 hours 

Graduate Student Fellowships | $2,500 for approximately 120 hours  

Please note that the value stated is for the normal term of appointment.  


Award recipients will be paid in the form of a one-time award from the U of L scholarship office upon confirmation of full-time enrolment at the University of Lethbridge.  

Roles and Responsibilities

RBC Agility Award recipients will contribute directly to the achievement of the Agility Program’s primary objectives to:  

  • Support hands-on learning experiences; 

  • Support innovation and Entrepreneurship; 

  • Inspire innovative practices in Southern Alberta communities; 

  • Bring meaningful change to local communities; and/or  

  • Support creative projects that are impactful to the University of Lethbridge and/or the Southern Alberta community.  


  • This is a competitive process with limited funds, and not all applications will receive funding, even if they meet the criteria above. 

  • Agility will be available to assist with your application submission. 

  • Applications must be submitted using the application template provided. Applications that do not meet the criteria specified in the application template will not be considered. Only complete applications will be considered.  

RBC Agility Award Application  

Agility encourages all students to apply for this opportunity to enhance their learning experience. This award will reflect Agility’s mission to expose students to meaningful hands-on learning experiences. If you have any questions or concerns with this form, please email agility@uleth.ca


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