Innovation Zone Summer Student

The Innovation Zone provides students access to emerging technologies, and other high-tech makerspace equipment. In addition to supporting students’ use of the space and equipment, Agility offers workshops, hackathons, and community-focused events. The goal of this space is to provide our students and community with hands on learning experiences to help them develop skills in creativity, problem solving, resilience, and adaptability to allow them to keep pace with an evolving labour market. 


The Innovation Zone Student Assistant will be responsible for a wide range of duties and tasks associated with day-to-day operations in the Innovation Zone.

  • Directly support program plans and clients in the Innovation Zone.
  • Ensure all visitors to the Innovation Zone are welcomed, trained, and supported in their work.
  • Create an open and inclusive environment in the Innovation Zone for University of Lethbridge students, staff, and faculty, as well as community members.
  • Support coordination, creation, and delivery of programs like workshops and maker days in the Innovation Zone.  

The Innovation Zone Student Assistant is responsible for

  • Developing positive relationships,
  • Effective communication strategies,
  • Maintaining clean and safe workspaces,
  • Maintenance support on equipment
  • Aiding the Innovation Zone Technician where necessary.  


Programming will be delivered around equipment in the Innovation Zone: FDM 3D printers, HTC Vive/Occulus Quest virtual reality (development and use cases), Augmented Reality (development and use cases), paper prototyping, 3D design and software, Silhouette vinyl cutter & Roland large format vinyl cutter, sewing machines, vacuum former, desktop CNC Router, soldering, coding, robotics, and Glow Forge laser cutter. There may be additional equipment supports required.


  • Be familiar or curious to learn about emerging technologies. 
    • Preferred to have experience using 3D printers or 3D design. 
  • Have exceptional customer service. 
    • Preferred to have experience with directly supporting customers. 
  • Be able to work in a flexible work environment. 
    • This will include being able to work with a small team and independently.  
  • Be able to work safely with various equipment and distractions. 
    • Preferred to have experience working with equipment. 
    • Preferred to have valid First Aid training.  
  • Be eager and capable of learning quickly. 
    • Preferred to have experience leading a project/initiative.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skill.
    • Preferred to have Design Thinking, Agile, or entrepreneurial knowledge/experience.
  • Be mature, personable, self-directed, and work as part of a team.
  • Passion for innovation and education. 

Hours for this position are typically 8:30am – 4:30pm and the wage is $16.67/hour. For more information on the Agility and the Innovation Zone please visit our website at


To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter

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Deadline to apply is April 10, 2023 at 11:59pm