Friday, September 21

Discussing Opportunities in AI



LOCATION: U of L Student Union




Luc Roberts

Luc Roberts
Vice President, Bluesky Analytics Labs


Luc Roberts is the Vice President of Blue Sky Analytical Labs which he co-founded in 2020 to provide analytical testing services and scientific consulting to the southern Alberta region and beyond.

9:15 AM

KEYNOTE: Advances in Neuromorphic Computing

Moore's Law, the approximate doubling of computational "power", as measured by transistors on a board is being increasingly challenged in the last decade. Neuromorphic computing provides an alternate pathway to increasing computational power by leveraging the large, parallelized structure of spiking neural networks. Spiking neural networks mimic how the brain performs operations by utilizing the same information processing units, neurons, that communicate with discrete changes to the membrane potential or spikes. The key problem in utilizing spiking neural networks for applications is determining how to couple these neurons together to perform functions. Here, we review recent advances in coupling neurons together, and discuss some potential neuromorphic applications.


Dr. Wilten NicolaDr. Wilten Nicola

Assistant Professor, Tier II Canada Research Chair in Computational Neuroscience, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Department of Physics and Astronomy (Adjunct), Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Adjunct)


Dr. Nicola is devoted to analyzing how networks of neurons come together to perform behaviours or display emergent dynamics. Dr. Nicola utilizes techniques from dynamical systems and bifurcation theory, applied mathematics, and machine learning to investigate neural networks, both biological and artificial. Dr. Nicola completed his PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Sue Ann Campbell, at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Nicola completed a postdoctoral position (NSERC PDF) with Prof. Claudia Clopath, at Imperial College London, after which he began his faculty position at the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine, in 2019.

10:15 AM

PANEL: Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Jean Patrick
Jean Patrick
CEO, ScaleUp Edge

From the basketball courts of North Dakota, now living in Colorado, to the forefront of global technology, Jean Patrick's journey is both captivating and inspiring. Initially crafting a curriculum for Apple IIe computers, she has since steered major tech firms towards innovation. With a Master's degree in Business Education from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the University of Denver under her belt, Jean's academic foundation strongly complements her professional prowess. As the General Manager of a standout speech analytics company and Chief Transformation Officer for a growth-stage SaaS enterprise, her transformative touch has been evident. Leading teams ranging from a nimble 5 to a global powerhouse of over 1,100, she's made a mark in enhancing technology within healthcare support, education, consulting, accounting, telecommunications, technology and legal services. Currently, at the helm of ScaleUp Edge, Jean collaborates with an array of tech startups and scale-ups, blending her passion for technology, change, transformation, and learning. A passionate mentor, she fervently champions the cause of ushering diverse leaders into the tech arena. As a beacon of leadership and innovation, the words of a former CEO ring true: "Jean is not afraid to take on the most difficult initiatives and consistently delivers."


Clair Fitzpatrick
Clair Fitzpatrick

Clair Fitzpatrick has been an instructor at Lethbridge College in the Agriculture program since 2017. His main area of instruction is in Animal Science. Prior to teaching, Clair has worked for Alberta Agriculture and in the energy industry as an Environmental Analyst. Clair completed his bachelor of sciences in Biology and Agriculture studies from Dickinson State University, Dickinson, North Dakota, and Masters of Science in Animal Science from North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota. Along with teaching, Clair continues to be involved on his family rance in Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan where they have 700 head of cows.


Davis Juell
Davis Juell
Founder & President of NeurAlbertaTech uLeth

Davis L. Juell is the Founder & President of NeurAlbertaTech uLeth and is currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge. His running thesis title is ‘Preclinical assessment in an MS mouse model using string pulling.’ Davis' early career placements were academic, working under eminent professor Dr. Ian Q. Whishaw, and it was through these experiences that he accredits his professional network. He is an organizer of natHACKS, a 64-hour hackathon upcoming November 16-19th, that awards over 20,000$ in prizes to students annually. His current internal projects include Open Stroke Rehab and Vocalaiz. OSR uses AI to optimize the classification of an intended motor sequence in M1 using non-invasive EEG following stroke, and Vocalaiz extracts vocal biomarkers from speech data to detect intoxication & fatigue. Outside of the lab, he has summited 4 peaks above 12,000 feet, in great part thanks to the Alpine Club of Canada.

11:15 AM

PANEL: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in our Daily Lives


Obrd Mourice
Obed Maurice
Obed is a CPA and CFP specializing in digital adoption and cloud accounting for owner manged companies. He founded, Maxim Management, one of Canada's first virtual CPA firms which was later aquired by a mid sized firm. He is also the founder of Maxim One, a fintech start up created to help Canadians improve their financial health. The company recently received funding from the National Research Council of Canda to further its development of prompt engineering in order to optimize personal finances. He is a member of CPA Canada’s Data Governance Committee and recent recipient of a CPA Alberta Distinguished Service Award.


Sidney Shapiro
Dr. Sidney Shapiro
Assistant Professor of Data Analytics, University of Lethbridge
Dr. Sidney Shapiro serves as an Assistant Professor of Data Analytics at the University of Lethbridge's Dhillon School of Business. He has a background in software development, data analytics and business intelligence for academic and research purposes. His research as at the intersection of business and computer science. In his role at the University of Lethbridge, Dr. Shapiro designs and delivers courses that equip students with the skills to analyze and interpret complex data sets.


Jacklyn Doherty
Jaclyn Doherty
Dean, Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation | Lethbridge College

Over the past two decades, my educational journey has taken me from teaching in K-12 schools in Alberta to International Schools in Asia. From there, I transitioned to teaching in post-secondary and further evolving into roles in Learning Experience Design and Curriculum Development, eventually leading into my current Leadership role at Lethbridge College. I hold a Bachelor's from the University of Lethbridge, a Masters in Educational Technology from Calgary, and a Doctorate from Western University, with a focus on strategy development, particularly emphasizing innovation, interdisciplinary teamwork, and collaboration. As Dean of CTLI at Lethbridge College, I champion transformative education and oversee diverse services that include Learning Experience Design, Curriculum Development, Testing and Accessibility Services, Learning Café, Digital Learning, Integrated Academic Supports, our Library, Faculty Development, and the LC Studio Team, aiming to foster dynamic learning environments for students and faculty. Beyond my college role, I also act as a strategic consultant for businesses and organizations, offering innovative solutions to their strategic challenges using design thinking, appreciative inquiry, and scenario planning. On a more personal note, when I'm not immersed in my professional endeavours, you can find me enjoying time with my family and friends, spending time outside biking in the coulees or mountain trails, skiing and at the end of the day curling up with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and a good book.

12:00 PM


Students present their research posters, showcase members available at booths.

1:00 PM


Take time to meet the student presenters as well as those businesses that have a booth. Discuss the keynote you just heard or other opportunities that may arise.

2:00 PM


Effectively Integrating Emerging Technologies Into Your Marketing Plan


Ryan Harper-Brown
Instructor, New Media, University of Lethbridge

Ryan Harper-Brown is an Instructor in the Department of New Media at Iniskim/University of Lethbridge, where he teaches courses on Social Media, Portfolio and Professional Practice, and Developing Media for Children. Outside of the university, Ryan can often be found cycling around Lethbridge year-round.

About the Workshop

AI and ChatGPT are some of the latest buzzwords we hear daily. We also hear how these things will either make our lives a thousand times easier or bring about the end of the world. In this workshop, join Ryan Harper-Brown (New Media) as we discover how to use these new tools to improve your workflow and assist in content creation and marketing plans.