Agility Undergraduate Fellow Application

Purpose of an Agility Undergraduate Fellowship

An Agility Undergraduate Fellowship is awarded to an individual student who wants to directly impact his/her fellow students at the University of Lethbridge. Under the supervision of the Agility Program Coordinator, Graduate Student Fellows, and/or Faculty Supervisors, Agility Undergraduate Fellows will design, plan, and deliver hands-on learning experiences relevant to Agility’s mission and vision. The Agility Undergraduate Fellowship intends to bring experiential learning to the forefront of the student experience at the University of Lethbridge. The purpose of this fellowship is to enable students to become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and communicators.

General Qualifications

 Agility Fellows will be full-time Undergraduate students in a minimum of second year of studies and good academic standing. Fellows are individuals who have demonstrated both excellence in their learning, and willingness to better the university community and/or local communities.

Term of Appointment

 Undergraduate Agility Fellows will typically have a term appointment of 4 months. Start dates are dependent upon terms, and will normally commence at the beginning of each term per the academic calendar. A Fellow must report to the Coordinator to begin duties by the dates listed below unless otherwise agreed upon:

  • September start for Fall Term
  • January start for Spring Term
  • May start for Summer Sessions

Failure to meet at the commencement of an appointment may result in termination from the Fellowship Program.

The term of appointment will require the Agility Undergraduate Fellow to be present at the Agility Advisory Council meetings. Most of a Fellow’s time will be dedicated to performing duties that support initiatives developed by the Fellow and/or Agility. These initiatives may require training, which will be provided within the program. An appointment as an Agility Undergraduate Fellow is intended to be completed alongside your course-load to enhance your university experience.


The number of appointments is dependent upon funding and left to the discretion of the Director of Agility.

Renewable or Non-Renewable

Agility Undergraduate Fellows are eligible to renew their term of appointment. Reapplicants must be aware that new applicants may be granted first consideration for available positions.

Value: $2000 for 120-hours. Please note that the value stated is for the usual term of appointment. Fellows may be required to work an extended term that will not exceed 204-hours. The value of the Fellowship is directly related to hours worked.


Agility Undergraduate Fellows will be paid on an hourly basis, with a maximum of 10 hours per week, unless otherwise indicated.

Roles and Responsibilities may include

Agility Undergraduate Fellows will contribute directly to the achievement of the Agility Program’s primary objectives to:

  • Support hands-on learning experiences;
  • Inspire innovative practices in Southern Alberta communities;
  • Bring meaningful change to the local communities; and
  • Support creative projects that are impactful to the U of L and/or Southern Alberta Community.
  • In reaching these objectives, Agility Undergraduate Fellows are expected to be involved in some or all of Agility initiatives. Fellowships can involve:
  • Workshop creation, implementation, and organization
  • On/Off-campus experience creation, implementation, and organization of:
  • Local business tours
  • Local farm tours
  • Local community-based project tours
  • Others as identified by Agility
  • Participation in Agility initiatives such as:
    • Agriculture & Agribusiness
    • Social Innovation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Emerging Technologies
  • Presentations regarding your Fellowship and/or studies at local, provincial, national, and/or international events
  •  Other activities, as agreed upon in negotiation with the Director and/or Coordinator of Agility.


  • This is a competitive process with limited funds, and not all applications will receive funding, even if they meet the criteria above.
  • Agility will be available to assist with your application submission.
  • Applications must be submitted using the application template provided. Applications that do not meet the criteria specified in the application template will not be considered. Only complete applications will be considered.

Application Procedures

Applications for the Agility Undergraduate Fellowship may be made up to one year in advance of the proposed term of appointment. Applications are left open; therefore, the desired date of commencement and length of appointment must be indicated on the application. The number of Agility Undergraduate Fellowships awarded each year will be dependent on available funding.

Application Dossier

Candidates for an Agility Undergraduate Fellowship must submit a completed application form. The application process includes the following components:

  1. Resume
  2. Proof of minimum 2nd -year student with good academic standing 3
  3. Completed application form (see below)
  4. Entrance interview discussing initiatives in which the applicant is interested

Agility Advisory Council Decision Strategies

Upon final review of applications, the review committee may recommend the applicant be:

  1. Approved for the period requested;
  2. Approved with a recommendation for an alternative term;
  3. Asked to resubmit in a subsequent competition; or
  4. Denied an Agility Undergraduate Fellowship position.

Agility Undergraduate Fellowship Application

Agility invites all students to apply for Fellowship opportunities to enhance their learning experience. Fellowships will reflect Agility’s mission to expose all students to meaningful, hands-on learning experiences.


Applicants who qualify for a Fellowship will meet the qualifications outlined in the call. Applicants must be a registered full-time minimum 2nd -year student in good academic standing to qualify. If you have any questions or concerns with this form, please call 403.332.4034 or email

Personal Information

Choose the term and the year you wish to commence your fellowship. Example Fall 2021. 


Please note that Agility will contact you to conduct a brief entrance interview if the Agility Advisory Council recommends your application. The entrance interview will last no longer than 30 minutes and can be conducted in person, or video conference. You will be required to discuss which Agility initiatives you are interested in, why you are interested in said initiatives, and what qualifications you would bring to the Agility team. Think about highlighting your strengths and experiences, including technical knowledge and skills

Terms & Conditions

Please note that a Fellowship is not intended to cover the full cost of living, including but not limited to housing costs, and the student is responsible for paying his/her tuition and fees. Furthermore, income from Agility Fellowships follow Canada Revenue Agency’s legislation and will be treated accordingly by Human Resources. Agility will provide all Fellows with facilities and support services, including resources and training. 

A written reflection by the Fellow must be completed within two weeks of a Fellowship completion. Fellows will be required to share their experience with Agility Staff in an exit interview. A copy of the reflection will be provided to both the student and the Director of Agility.

A written reflection by the Fellow must be completed within two weeks of a Fellowship completion. Fellows will be required to share their experience with Agility Staff in an exit interview. A copy of the reflection will be provided to both the student and the Director of Agility.