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Chinook Regional Hospital 

Provides a range of healthcare services including a 24/7 emergency department, where a SART Dr. is available. 

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Go to Emergency and request the Sexual Assault Response Team. Identify that you've been assaulted and need medical care.



The emergency room will contact a support worker from the YWCA's Amethyst Project. The support worker will review your options for medical care and reporting.

Currently you have three options:

  • You can choose to not report to police but still access medical care, in which case you may receive treatment of injuries, pregnancy prevention, testing/treatment for STIs by the ER doctor, or;
  • You can choose to report the assault to police, in which case the SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) will be contacted. SART is a team of specially trained female doctors which will provide medical care, pregnancy prevention, testing/treatment for STIs, as well as, collect evidence for the purpose of criminal investigation. You have the opportunity to provide consent for each procedure in the exams, or;
  • You can choose to access the third option. In this case, SART can collect evidence which can be stored by the Amethyst Project for up to one year. In this situation you do not have to report to police immediately, giving you the option to report within that year which evidence is stored.
    • The Sexual Assault Response team will meet you at the hospital to carry out a health exam, and if you consent, a Sexual Assault Examination Kit.  The health exam covers a physical exam, STI screening, and pregnancy prevention.  A Sexual Assault Examination Kit is used to gather and document physical evidence for the purpose of a police investigation and the doctor or nurse will describe and obtain consent for each action they take while completing the kit.
    • If you plan to file charges, it can be helpful to avoid showering and to bring any clothing etc. to the hospital. 


The Sexual Assault Response Team offers individuals who have been subjected to sexual assault (14 years and older) compassionate, confidential and non-judgmental care. It is an all female team of Doctors and nurses that will meet you at the hospital to carry out a health exam and, if you choose to, a Sexual Assault Examination Kit. The health exam covers a physical exam, STD screening, pregnancy prevention and a full discussion on how to protect your health both now and in the future.  It can be accessed any time following the assault.

A Sexual Assault Examination kit is used to gather and document physical evidence for the purpose of a police investigation.  If you wish to have this kit completed, the SART team will notify the police who will bring the kit to the hospital.

Chinook Sexual Assault Centre 

Available to all ages and genders across Southwestern Alberta. Offers crisis support, counselling, advocacy, peer support groups, and support navigating police, legal and court systems.

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Lethbridge Family Services        

Provides counselling support for those who have experienced sexual violence, with sliding scale fee rates available.

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Service support for domestic and sexual violence; trauma and crisis prevention/intervention; advocacy & awareness. 

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403-320-1881 or toll-free 1-866-296-0447 (24 hour)

YWCA Harbour House is a 30-bed crisis unit for women and children who are involved in abusive intimate partner relationships.

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In the hospital, the Amethyst Project provides three different courses of action that one can take directly following a sexual assault. The Amethyst Project provides emotional support and referrals to other agencies in the community.

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Blackfoot Family Lodge

Provides accommodations and resources to First Nations Women and Children in a cultural and compassionate manner.

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Victim/Witness Services For the Lethbridge Police 

Lethbridge Victim Services is a police-based victim assistance program that provides information, support, and referrals to victims and witnesses of crime or tragedy in Lethbridge. 

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Native Counselling Services

Native Counselling Services's mission is to promote the resilience of the Aboriginal individual and family, through programs and services that are grounded in reclaiming interconnectedness, reconciliation of relationships, and self-determination.

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Alberta Health Services: Community Mental Health Services 

Screening, assessment, consultation and treatment for people and their families that have mental health concerns that are affecting their ability to cope with everyday life.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health Resource Centre

Provides confidential sexual and reproductive health information and clinical services including STI testing/treatment, pregnancy testing, birth control information and emergency contraception.

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Sexual Violence Action Committee 

SVAC is a standing committee of professionals dedicated to providing leadership, coordination and a unified voice on issues related to sexual violence in southwestern Alberta. 

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24hr-Sexual Assault Crisis Line

Service for individuals affected by sexual violence or for individuals supporting someone affected by sexual violence.


Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

AASAS strives to ensure that all Albertans affected by sexual abuse and sexual assault have access to healing and recovery programs, services, and supports.

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Taber Safe Haven Women's Shelter Society

24/7 CRISIS LINE: 403-223-0483

Provides a safe place for women and children who are affected by domestic violence and abuse. From a trauma-informed approach, they use a community-based response to bring together health, education, criminal justice, law enforcement, and community agencies in providing direct services.

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Gender Support Lines 

  • Trans Lifeline Hotline: 24/7 Confidential hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. Toll free : 1–877–330–6366
  • Support Service for Male Survivors of Sexual Assault, 24/7: 1–888–887–0015

Lethbridge Police Services 

For emergencies and information about criminal reporting/to make a report contact the Lethbridge Police. 

Non-emergency reporting number: 403-328-4444. 

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