Mental Health Services

The UofL Health Centre is here to assist with your Mental Health Needs

Thank you for coming to the Health Centre with your mental health concern.  By simply asking for help, you've taken an important first step.  We believe it's important that you to fully understand this process so that we can provide you with the support and care you need.

Step 1

Book an appointment through the Health Centre.  Email the Health Centre at and we will book you a consultation with one of our Physicians/Nurse Practitioner to talk about what you're going through so we can better understand your concerns and care needs.

Step 2

A mental health assessment might be completed with the Health Centre Registered Nurse if requested by the Physician/Nurse Practitioner.  A follow up appointment will be scheduled with the Physician/Nurse Practitioner to go over the results and discuss a mental health care plan.

Step 3

Get a referral.  After completing the first two steps, you might be connected with a number of support services including:


Still not sure what to do or where to go for help?  We can answer your questions: call the Health Centre at 403-329-2484 or visit SU020.