The Party Scene: Celebrating Safely

The Party Scene

A few tips to make sure you have a good night out.

Think Ahead

How are you going to get home? Is it safe? How much am I going to drink tonight? Can I afford it? How good do I need to feel in the morning?
Make conscious choices about drinking before you go out.


Look Out for Others

Stay with your friends and look out for each other. It’s best if someone in the group takes it easy and can keep an eye out for the rest. Don’t drink and drive or take part in other risky behaviour. Set some cash aside for the taxi home; sharing can save you money. If you have to walk home, walk with a friend. Going off alone is not a great idea and don’t let your friends wander off by themselves either, especially if they are less than sober.


And Yourself

Eat. A great night out always begins on a full stomach. Drink lots of water. Drink slowly, go-non-alcoholic for the first rounds and then alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Have fun, but Respect other People’s Rights

You don’t want to disturb anyone else. Just because you’re done with exams or assignments and in the mood to party, does not mean everyone else is. Roommates and others have the right to a good night’s sleep.


And Remember!

Drinking alcohol is your choice and you can choose to make it good or bad. Sometimes, less is more. Have a few, feel good, but not out of control. Listen to your body and think about your own limit- and tomorrow morning!