Neuroscience (PhD)

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Length of program

48 months

Mode of delivery

In person

Program consists of:

  • Thesis
  • Coursework
  • Comprehensive examination




Summer, Fall and Spring

Program description

Research topics in our department are diverse, including animal social behavior, learning and memory, decision making, addiction, developmental plasticity (including the effects of brain injury, stress and drugs on brain development), neural coding, motor control, comparative neuroanatomy, comparative behavioural analysis, attention, and robotics.

The degree requirements for the Ph.D. program consist of successful completion of courses, a comprehensive examination, a Thesis, and a Thesis Oral Defence. Students develop their program in consultation with their supervisors. Required courses for the PhD Neuroscience program include:

  • Neuroscience 7901 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues I (0.75 credit hours)
  • Neuroscience 7902 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues II (0.75 credit hours)
  • Neuroscience 7903 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues III (0.75 credit hours)
  • Neuroscience 7904 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues IV (0.75 credit hours)

Course descriptions are available in the Course Catalog.