Personal, Academic Issues - Work Related

I need an academic letter of reference, who can I ask?

You may need a reference letter for a scholarship, a summer job, for graduate school applications, etc. Instructors are often asked to write references for students, so feel free to ask. Try to choose instructors who know you fairly well. If all they can say about you is that you were one of the students in the class and you got a B+, it won't help you much!

To ask an instructor for a reference, give as much notice as possible (at least two weeks) and provide as much information as you can. You may want to include your resume, information about yourself and for what you are applying (job, study exchange, etc.). You may want to also include your unofficial transcript. Be as specific as possible so as to help your instructor write a good letter for you. Even if you have a great rapport, your instructor likely has a lot of students and may not remember every detail of every student.


I want to work on a research project for a professor in my major, what is the process?

Here at the Calgary Campus, we are fortunate to have both faculty and sessional instructors. Unfortunately at this time, you would only be able to work on a research project for a faculty member.

The best way to see if there is a research project you can work on is to approach the professor about possible research opportunities (see next question).


I want to talk to Dr. X about their research, how should I approach them?

The easiest way is via email. Introduce yourself ("Hi Dr. X, My name is Jane Doe. I am a 2nd year student majoring in _____), describe what courses you have done. Remember to be polite and professional! If you really want to impress and you'd like a research job, attach your resume. You might want to include your unofficial transcript. Ask if you can make an appointment to meet and provide times you are available. If you prefer to connect in-person, find a time when the professor is not in class. Use the Campus Directory if you don’t have the email address.


What resources are available for me if I am trying to find a job as a current student or alumni?

As a current student, try looking into completing a co-op as these are paid!

Both current students and alumni can access Career and Employment Services (CES). In addition to tips on how to find a job, they have an online job board available only to students as well as links to other online job boards.


Who can I contact to find out more about independent and applied studies?

An independent study is a course you design with a professor. Please speak to your academic advisor to find out more about the possibility of completing this in your program.


Who can I contact if I want to find out about co-ops (co-operative education)?

Co-operative education is a great opportunity for all students! You can learn more about the program here. Management students can always meet with the Calgary Co-op Coordinators in Calgary, and Health Science students can connect with Lethbridge Co-op Coordinators. Even if you are not immediately thinking of joining co-op, the coordinator can provide you with lots of information and answer any questions you might have.


Am I able to complete a co-op if I have a full time job?

Completing a co-op is entirely optional, however it does require your full commitment. It is a paid, full time position that would require you to take a leave of absence from your other job in most situations. Please speak with the appropriate Co-op Coordinator(s) for more information (Management  Calgary Co-op Coordinators, Health Sciences  Lethbridge Co-op Coordinators).


Can I still apply for a co-op even if my GPA is not a 2.7 or higher?

It can be frustrating to not have the right grades! Unfortunately you do need to meet the minimum GPA requirements to apply into the program in most situations.

You can work with your academic advisor to see if there are any courses that might boost your GPA that could work in your program. You can also look at repeating courses that you have completed in the past to earn a better grade. The Co-op Coordinators would be happy to discuss other options for getting into the program as well.

Please feel free to reach out to the appropriate Co-op Coordinator(s) for more information (Management Calgary Co-op Coordinators, Health Sciences Lethbridge Co-op Coordinators).


Who can give me more information about an international exchange program?

An international exchange can be an extremely rewarding experience. You can view the eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and the process all here.

For more information, please contact your academic advisor or the International Office.