Philosophy Commons Student Room

The Philosophy Commons Student Room is a space for all philosophy students (undergraduate, graduate, minor and major). This space is a welcoming place striving to facilitate philosophical engagement between students. From philosophy undergrads, to graduate students, and students from other disciplines interested in philosophy, this environment has been developed to exchange, support, challenge, and strengthen one's ideas. This common space has been developed to embark on a cooperative journey to work through various topics in philosophy, to encourage conversations, to pose questions, to assist in understanding philosophical material or just to hang out.  

A monthly events calendar will also be posted on the commons door detailing any special events, grad student office hours being offered, various reading groups, Philosophy Club meetings and any other pertinent information.  Students looking for information on the Philosophy Club will also be able to access information within the philosophy commons.

The Philosophy Commons Room is student-run, and we are always happy to welcome new students who want to get engaged or organize something. Bring your ideas - the sky is the limit.

We invite all students to join us in room A534 for intellectual camaraderie. Please contact: