Trishell Provost | First Nations' Transition Program / Kinesiology

Trishell Provost


"Don't dream little, dream big! I was always told by my family members to take on one day at a time so that when that big dream becomes reality, it will all be worthwhile!"

Favourite Class: Sports Management
Favourite Social Activity: Native Awareness Week
Favourite Study Spot: Library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • FNTP was a welcoming intro to the university community
  • Through the FNTP I was able to gain the confidence that even though it's a university I know I can do it
  • Recipient of an NSERC award (worked with Jon Doan in kinesiology); opened my eyes to research
  • Taking ED 2500 was a wonderful experience; makes me that much more excited to strive to become a teacher
  • Collaborative project with uLethbridge and the Piikani Nation; rewarding personally and academically