Dr. Yeomi Choi

I began my academic journey in South Korea, my place of birth and upbringing. This path has taken me from South Korea to the United States, where I’ve honed my passion for understanding sport and physical culture through a sociocultural lens.

Perhaps not unrelated to my own border-crossing experiences, I have a profound interest in sport migration, which often entails complex and contradictory relationships with social privilege and marginalization. My research delves into the intersecting power dynamics of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and nation that permeate the lives of migratory subjects, resulting in multiple peer-reviewed articles in various fields, including MLB, athletics, esports, ice hockey, and more.

As an educator, I’m committed to the idea of 교학상장 (敎學相長), which translates to “teaching and learning mutually reinforce each other.” Through this perspective, I view education as a realm where the exchange of ideas and knowledge benefits and nurtures not only the student but also the teacher.

Beyond academia, I find pleasure in assembling furniture, watching NASA’s Earth from Space on YouTube, and pushing the limits of ChatGPT.

“Laugh... life is better when you are laughing!” This cup is my teacher.