Campus Life

University members earn keys to the city

Friday the 13th, traditionally a day of bad luck for superstitious people, was instead a lucky day for several organizations and members of the University of Lethbridge and broader community who received a ceremonial Key to the City of Lethbridge from Mayor Bob Tarleck.

"I am pleased that so many of the people honoured with a Key to the City have had ties to the University as employees, faculty members or as volunteer supporters," says U of L President Bill Cade. "This shows that our connection to the community extends far beyond our campus."

The presentation of the "Key to the City" – the municipal government's highest honour – is at the discretion of the mayor, and signifies that the outstanding civic contributions generously given by the recipients are recognized and appreciated.

The recipients included:

- The Allied Arts Council, which promotes and supports local arts and culture

- The law firm of Davidson and Williams, one of Alberta's oldest law firms, now in its 3rd generation of family partnership

- Paul Stevenson, John Bolton and Jack Gleason for their work on the Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games

- Delia Cross Child, First Nations artist and educator

- Lloyd Hickman, community volunteer and veteran RCMP officer

- Bryan Kolb, University of Lethbridge neuroscience researcher

- David Naylor, University of Lethbridge physics and astronomy researcher and inventor

- Harold Pereverseff, community volunteer and cultural exchange supporter

- Ralph Thrall, rancher, community supporter and environmental awareness advocate

Brief biographical information on these groups and individuals can be found below.

Allied Arts Council

The Allied Arts Council has been an important Lethbridge organization since it was established in 1958 with the objective of encouraging arts activities in Lethbridge and the surrounding district. The Council coordinates activities of member organizations – which includes the University of Lethbridge -- and cooperates with persons, groups and organizations in the promotion of arts activities.

Davidson and Williams

Davidson & Williams was founded in 1885 by C.F.P. Conybeare, K.C., who was Lethbridge's first lawyer. Davidson & Williams is one of Alberta's oldest law firms which today is operated by senior partner and third generation member of the firm, University of Lethbridge Chancellor Richard Davidson, Q.C.

Paul Stevenson, John Bolton (BEd '72) and Jack Gleason for Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games

These three gentlemen were key to the successful hosting of the first ever Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games, held in Lethbridge in January 2009. Stevenson served as Chair, Bolton as vice-chair and Gleason as financial officer. The Games attracted more than 1,000 athletes, coaches and officials representing eight zones throughout Alberta. The University of Lethbridge provided office space and other services to the organizing group.

Delia Cross Child (BA '96,Bed '02)

Cross Child was inducted into the University of Lethbridge Alumni Honour Society this year. A Blackfoot artist and educator, Cross Child's creativity and passion have brought pride to her community and awareness to First Nation's issues. As a contemporary artist, she is known for integrating tradition and history with a modern sensibility. Her work has been exhibited at the Glenbow Museum, Walter Phillips Gallery, Southern Alberta Art Gallery and the University of Lethbridge.

Lloyd Hickman

Lloyd Hickman is a veteran RCMP officer who came to Lethbridge as superintendent for southern Alberta but spent a significant portion of his career being assigned to high-level posts, among guarding politicians and foreign dignitaries such as Pope John Paul II and former US president George Bush. He also led security operations for the Kananaskis G8 convention in 2002. In between all these commitments, Hickman has served on the University of Lethbridge Senate and the Lethbridge College criminal justice advisory committee, among other groups.

Bryan Kolb

Canada has become a world power in neuroscience due in large part to the leadership and vision of University of Lethbridge neuroscience researcher Bryan Kolb. Recognized as a founding father of behavioural neuroscience in this country and one of the most influential neuroscientists in the world, Dr. Kolb has led Canada's research to revolutionize the treatment of brain injury, drug addiction, and conditions such as stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

David Naylor

David Naylor, a veteran physics and astronomy researcher at the University of Lethbridge, is putting technology developed at the U of L into deep space to help solve some puzzling astronomical questions and look at the far reaches of space in a whole new way. As a co-creator and Canadian lead investigator for the Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver (SPIRE) project, Naylor's team is responsible for a device that helps the new Herschel Space Observatory 'see' more accurately by detecting infrared emissions from far-off stars and galaxies. Naylor's research group and scientists from eight other nations are contributing to new knowledge about the origins of the universe.

Harold Pereverseff

Harold Pereverseff is a long-time community volunteer and avid proponent of cultural exchanges through his work with the Lethbridge Twinning Society. He is also a part-time security officer at the University of Lethbridge, Thanks to his efforts, the Lethbridge Twinning Society can boast of solid relationships and formal twinning agreements between Lethbridge and Towada, Japan; Lethbridge and Culver City, California; as well as a friendship with Timashevsk, Russia. He is currently president of the Alberta/Japan Twinned Municipalities Association.

Ralph Thrall (LLD '99)

Ralph A. Thrall, Jr. is president of McIntyre Ranching Company, one of the largest ranches in Western Canada and a place of great natural beauty. Although the ranching embodies an important part of our area's history and economy, McIntyre's long history of environmentally sensitive management has succeeded in preserving a native prairie ecosystem. Thrall has also been a very active and dedicated community member – serving many organizations and businesses, including the YMCA, Lethbridge College Foundation, the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors and other community organizations.