January 21, 2022
The U of L is proud to announce Drs. Glenda Bonifacio, Sandra Dixon and Roy Golsteyn as the first recipients of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholars program

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Video Premiere: Waterfront – ‘Three Years Later’

Waterfront, featuring former U of L music and audio production students, are unveiling their new music video, “Three Years Later"

What scientists have learned by putting an octopus in an MRI machine

Dr. Jennifer Mather discusses the workings of the octopus brain

Minister Bibeau announces Food Waste Reduction Challenge semi-finalists for the Novel Technologies Streams

U of L project with Kim Stanford earns $100,000 award

UNBC, UBC, ULethbridge researchers create Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

The group will bring experts together to focus on research on the role of L-functions in analytic number theory

Calgary’s Next Economy: Paramoria Agri-Science builds fungal early warning system

Brent Puchalski is building an early warning system of sorts, but it’s detecting things on a microbial level.

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