Tributes flow for Dr. Bill Cade

A sample selection of tributes were published in the most recent issue of SAM, the U of L's community and alumni magazine. Many more were received than could be added to that publication, so they are posted below. As well, you can get a sneak preview of the latest SAM magazine, which features many other stories about the University comunity.

Tributes Flow for Dr. Bill Cade as he Winds Up His Presidency

A sample selection of tributes were published in the most recent issue of SAM, the U of L's community and alumni magazine. Many more were received than could be added to that publication, so they are posted below.


The thing I appreciated most about Bill was that not only did he understand what his job was – and did it well, but he understood what his job wasn't – and he did that well too. He and Elsa will be missed....

Richard Davidson Q.C.
U of L Chancellor
_ _

Dr. Cade hadn't officially started his term as President. I had a wall of students in front of me, all filling out forms. As Dr. Cade walked by the Registrar's Office, he looked over in my direction, smiled and waved.

I immediately looked behind me, as I thought Leslie or Debi was standing behind me, and he was waving to them. I thought to myself.....he couldn't possibly be waving to me, but he was. That simple gesture made my day!

In past years the Registrar's Office had instituted a photo line-up at convocation. After students came off the dais and had their picture taken, a lot of them were a bit disoriented and would walk off in the wrong direction.

I was positioned at the front to guide them with Mrs. Cade unofficially assisting me in her front row seat by pointing them in the right direction.

Candace Dueck
_ _

The one thing I will always remember about Dr. Cade is his ability to warm up any room with his intellect, passion, energy and friendly Texas drawl. His charismatic qualities and initiatives have opened many doors of opportunity for the University of Lethbridge. The University will forever benefit from his vision and accomplishments.

The one thing that I will never understand is why Dr Cade would travel half way around the world to study Crickets? I wish Dr. and Elsa Cade the very best of health and happiness in the future.

C. Dean Setoguchi
Vice President & CFO
Keyera Facilities Income Fund

_ _

Bill is a remarkable man who I instantly had a liking for. An engaging individual, I was at ease when we met and always looked forward to speaking with him when I knew we would be at the same events.

A true leader, Bill had the respect of everyone in the University and was recognized by his colleagues for his ability. Bill seemed to approach everything as an "adventure".

As the MLA for Cypress – Medicine Hat, I would like to thank Bill (and his wife) for all the contributions they made not only to the U of L, but to Southern Alberta as a whole. You will be greatly missed. All the very best in your future.

Len Mitzel
_ _

I have watched the ULAA grow into a significant contributor to the University of Lethbridge. I recognize and thank you for your support, encouragement and participation in the ULAA endeavours to grow within its own parameters and to participate to make The University of Lethbridge better and stronger. Thank you for allowing me to be a friend.

Good Health as you proceed into the next stage of your active life.

Bob Hironaka
_ _

As Chancellor, I was a member of the search committee which recommended Bill's appointment as President. His warm and vibrant personality, together with the support of Elsa has proven to be a boon to the University.

We worked together as a team during my term as Chancellor on the Senate, the Board of Governors and in many relationships with governments and the public.

For the past ten years, as we worked together to advance the University's relationships with Canada and Alberta, he has been a visionary and dynamic force to identify and advance the goals of programs, advancement and infrastructure development.

The physical face of the campus has been dramatically changed and improved. He leaves with admiration and respect within academia and the wider communities, locally, in Alberta and Canada.

Bill and Elsa indeed exemplify our motto "FIAT LUX" as they have brought light (and warmth) to the University of Lethbridge."

Jim Horsman
_ _

I found Bill to be:
- Dynamic
- Proudly comfortable with his uniqueness
- Warm and friendly

Art Bonertz
U of L Board of Governors
_ _

I was one of the first people on campus to ever meet Dr. Bill Cade as I was Secretary to the Search Committee who hired him.

When I think of him, one of the first things that impressed me about him is what a champion he is of the University of Lethbridge.

You have seen him with his wife, Elsa, together at countless events on campus and it gives a sense of unity and community involvement, family value and commitment.

He was a leader of our University and had to deal with many situations and issues, but I appreciated the fact that he acknowledged and showed appreciation to all staff. I wish him well in all he does in the future."

Doris Kostiuk
U of L staff member
Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian
_ _

One of my first meetings with Bill Cade came within weeks of taking office as mayor when he called on me to live up to a campaign promise.

Throughout the 2001 mayoralty campaign I had promoted the concept of a community-driven economic development model.

Bill and several of his friends made it clear that it was not only a good idea, it was one they expected me to implement forthwith. And with Bill's guidance and support, Economic Development Lethbridge moved from vision to reality.

I was deeply moved at the time that a U of L president should be so engaged in his community. As I was to learn, this was just the first of a series of partnerships between the university and the city that Bill had a hand in creating.

The 1st Choice Savings Wellness Centre and the Community Stadium are two others that come to mind, but there are other important examples.

What kind of president has Bill been? Energetic, charismatic, passionate, considerate, and above all, focused on the needs of students.

Bill and Elsa have played important parts in the University of Lethbridge story over the last ten years, but they have also earned the respect and love of people they have come in contact throughout the community. Good luck, my friend!

Mayor Robert Tarleck, Ako-taosi
City of Lethbridge
_ _

I will remember Bill as someone who opened up an opportunity for me by asking me asked me to be the Chief Convocation Marshal. I was flattered that he would ask me. The learning curve has been great, but I like learning

Bill at convocation is a dynamo. He rises to the occasion and gives a barn-burner of a speech. We all feel better about ourselves and stand a little taller."

John C. Poulsen
Assistant Dean, Student Program Services
Faculty of Education
_ _

I have many reasons to thank Bill Cade, but the one that has meant the most to me is the interest and support he has shown for my mother and her work over the years.

My mother is the Yiddish-language writer Chava Rosenfarb. Yiddish and the rich literature and culture associated with it are little known in Alberta.

This is not surprising since the language itself is dying, a victim of the Holocaust. Today there are few speakers and fewer readers.

To have someone promote and encourage the work of a Yiddish writer the way Bill has done is thus truly remarkable and truly praiseworthy.

To date, the U of L is the only university in Canada to have given an honorary degree to a Yiddish writer, despite the fact that Canada has been host to a vibrant Yiddish culture for over a hundred years.

I have no words to express how very moving this is to me and how grateful I am.

Goldie Morgentaler
Professor, Dept. of English
_ _

Bill Cade was the right person for our university during the time of his presidency. His excellent people skills were an asset to the university's development. Our campus, students and community were the benefactors.

Hon. Raymond Speaker PC., OC. and Ingrid Speaker, Chancellor Emeritus
_ _

Never did I ever imagine that I would develop such a strong respect and working relationship with someone whose passion is bugs – or, as Bill would say, the phylum Arthropoda – however, that is exactly what happened.

During Bill's presidency, I have come to respect and admire his knowledge, understanding, passion, and commitment to post-secondary education.

Bill has been a tireless advocate for the University of Lethbridge and our province's overall post-secondary system, and his contributions to improving both are immeasurable.

Best wishes, Bill, in your upcoming professional endeavours, and thank you for your guidance and leadership.

Honourable Rob Renner
MLA, Medicine Hat Constituency
Minister of Environment

_ _

There are so many things that I admire about Bill Cade. Right from the first time I met Bill, when he arrived in Lethbridge to begin his position as President of U of L, he stood out for me because of his enthusiasm for the University, the city of Lethbridge, people and for life.

Bill has an amazing capacity to see the strengths in people, to nurture those strengths and to challenge individuals to grow.

He is very appreciative of others efforts and is very quick to acknowledge them. He has a most outstanding memory for names and events.

His capable and creative leadership has contributed very significantly to the excellence in the education of students at the U of L and the growth of programs.

Janice Varzari
Member of Senate
Member of Board of Governors

_ _

I think that one of Bill's strength has been his ability to promote the University. He is a true advocate and champion for the university and under his leadership the University has been celebrated in the community for its excellent programs, research successes and responsive programming for students.

Wendy Fox
Member of U of L Senate

_ _

First of all thanks for this opportunity to pay tribute to someone I will always consider a friend.

From the first time I shook Bill Cade's hand I felt completely at ease with him.

I do recall thinking "Is that a Texas accent I hear?" Oh yes it was.

Bill's attribute of treating everybody with respect has endeared him to friends and business associates alike. When we met with a number of people in Ottawa promoting the University of Lethbridge he impressed everyone with his passion and demeanour.

The first time I was in his office at the University my questions regarding his collection of crickets quickly led to a lesson on the reproductive machinations of the species.

His interest in how each person at the University contributed to it's success endeared him to people on and off campus.

During one election campaign, I received an invitation to take part in a polar swim fund raiser at Park Lake. When I saw that Bill was on the list of participants, I quickly sent him a pledge and wished him well, to his credit he got the job done without any lingering damage.

I'm not sure how many people know that Bill is a hot rodder at heart and spent time at the drag strip in his day, I promised to take him for a blast in my 1967 GTX, haven't done that yet but will.

Dr. Cade! Make sure you take the time to reflect on what you have meant to the University of Lethbridge and southern Alberta, how much better the institution and all of us are for having you come to town. I hope you and your wonderful bride continue to enjoy peace and happiness.

Rick Casson, MP
Proud U of L employee, 1969 – 1997
_ _

I have to admit to becoming a big fan of Bill and Elsa Cade.

Our first meeting was in my office. He insisted on coming to me. How about that!

To me, it was a generous thing to do and indicated his strong character personified by a professional humbleness that I was not used to in my previous interactions with American scholars. When I discovered that he had taken out Canadian citizenship, well then, I was hooked!

Bill's cooperation with Lethbridge College was essential at the time of his arrival and I thank him eternally for it.

Bill Cade was a great President of the University of Lethbridge. I thank him and Elsa and won't ever forget them.

Clint Dunford

_ _

Bill Cade has what has to be the best memory for names! He can walk into a room and address each person by their correct name and if he is meeting you for the first time, you can bet he will remember it the next time you meet.

I was on a shoot at the University Theatre and Bill walked by and said, "Hi Dory…Hi Ted!" Ted, our cameraperson, was completely floored that Bill would remember his name! That is a real gift!"

Dory Rossiter
CTV Lethbridge

_ _

It has been my pleasure to work with President Bill Cade on a variety of occasions. Always cheerful, always willing to listen, and usually more than willing to help whenever asked and when it was possible to respond at the time.

Over the past 30 years, as Senator, as Chancellor and now as Chancellor Emeritus my experiences working with the current University President have been very positive.

Certainly the time working with Bill Cade during the past ten years was a most pleasant experience. I wish him well as he moves on to other assignments. He will be remembered fondly.

Keith Robin
U of L member of Senate

_ _

What I appreciate most about Bill was that he was a great and enthusiastic supporter of the community and local projects.

He considered the University to be a partner with the Lethbridge community at large, and was always prepared to step up and get involved.

Paul G. Pharo, Q.C.
President 2009/2010, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce
U of L member of Senate

_ _

What was your first impression of Bill?

I met Bill Cade the first time in an elevator and he was friendly, asking me about my work and role at the university.

The second time I saw him in the hallway he greeted me by name. He did that with everyone he met: learned the faculty, support staff, the cleaners' names... everybody and talked with all of us about our work...

He recognized and called people by name all over the campus.

What do you most admire about Bill?
Savvy leadership, deep academic experience and communication skills with public and with individuals, whatever level they are at.

His forthrightness and efficiency, with an ability to know what is most important and whatever isn't at all. Balance. Respect for his family and Elsa and the positive way he speaks about her. His friendliness and courage to be tough when necessary. High standards. His advocacy for the right to do research, the need for the university to be protected as a liberal arts university, social justice, speaking out for balance of gender and minorities.

What opportunities have you been given during Bill's presidency?
To be on the board of governors, to contribute my views... he has ears to hear, to be part of the university community, to have a women's scholars series, to feel confident in my university's management and leadership skills, to feel I work for a good organization, to feel proud of the importance of teaching.

What was something surprising you discovered about Bill?
He's a good cook and a wine aficionado, he likes dogs, drag racing, and he taught public school.

What made Bill an excellent president?
Knowledge of universities and all his people, the role of a university in the public domain, ability to forge meaningful working relationships, to call bullshit when necessary, practical know-how brought to bear on complex issues, new ideas, openness, dedication to due and fair process.

Recall a time when you saw Bill in action behind-the-scenes.
Arguing for the good of the university behind closed doors with board members, honoring professors' work and students' work. Kindness to people upset by life's difficult circumstances.

Share a funny story.
Being in his office and interrupting university talk with an invitation to watch his six-legged friends moult, or something dining on crickets with a mixture of pride and happiness.

Share a sentimental story.
It matters to me that he said he couldn't get through Goldie Morgantaler mother's speech on accepting her honorary degree about being a graduate of the second world war, of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, without tears. It reveals a deep humanity.Share your thanks.

The one word I would use to describe Dr. Bill Cade is: advocate (for quality higher learning).

I have gratitude for Bill's 10 fine years as President.

Bill – may you be well, happy, at ease, enjoying some down time after intensive full engagement for 10 years of 24/7 work.

Leah Fowler
U of L faculty
U of L Board of Governors member

_ _

I found Bill to be a man of high integrity and a person with excellent people skills. We required these abilities, with the many challenges faced by the University during Bill's term.

One day when he came back from a summer in Africa, I couldn't believe he loaded up his suitcases with elephant poop.

I wish Bill & Elsa all the best in their future endeavours. And Bill, don't be a stranger - we'd love to see you back for visits.

Myles Bourke
U of L Board of Governors member

_ _

"The one word I would use to describe Dr. Bill Cade is: Dynamic!!!"

Katharine Winter
HR Analyst
Human Resources Department

_ _

I remember very clearly one day approximately 9 years ago when Dr. Cade invited my four-year-old twin boys and myself to come and view his life's work with his crickets.

We started in his office and I learned firsthand what patience he had. My boys were touching all of his irreplaceable objects in his office without any scared shrieking from Dr. Cade. In fact, he encouraged them.

Once we had viewed his office, we were taken down to the 4th Floor to see his lab. You can imagine the excitement of four year old boys to see a room filled with crickets.

They were fascinated as Dr. Cade showed them the crickets at various stages of growth. At one point, one of the cages with the babies tipped over and my boys were scrambling to save their lives.

As Dr. Cade talked about all the interesting facts regarding the crickets, he had two boys hugging him and continually asking questions.

It was a very unique experience, one that I know we will never forget. Dr. Cade, thank you for your patience and kindness shown to my children.

Patti Leeb
Accounting Assistant
Faculty of Management

_ _

I find Bill Cade very personable. When I said, "hello Dr. Cade", he responded, "just call me Bill!" He's always gone out of his way to say "hi" to me and shake my hand.

I recall a time I was coming back from lunch, Bill was walking down the hall with the Education Minister and other senior officials. He stopped to say hello and introduced me to the others. I was shocked and in awe that he would take time out of his busy schedule for me!

Thanks Bill for being such a great guy! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You will be missed."

Val Hill
Accounts Payable Clerk
University of Lethbridge

_ _

When Bill Cade first came to our campus as the new President, I was the president of the AUPE local here on campus and our executive was one of the groups he met with to discuss concerns, share ideas, etc.

Being personable as he was, he also asked about our families and lives outside work. One of the things that I shared with him was that my husband was an alum and my son was a current student, majoring in philosophy.

Weeks later, I was with my family at a local restaurant when Bill walked in. He immediately came over to our table, shaking my son and husband's hands, calling them by their first names and relating what I had told him about their time at the university.

We were amazed that, considering all the people he was meeting in his introduction to the U of L, he would remember these details about us. But that's Bill – people matter to him.

Jane Allan
Grant Facilitator
University of Lethbridge
Office of Research Services

_ _

I organized a luncheon for a visiting Chinese delegation that Bill attended. Roast beef was served along with a side of horseradish -- and the dish of horseradish was placed with the starting salad at every seat during the meal.

Bill is very charismatic and of course was the focus of our luncheon.

As we started the meal, he picked up his dish of horseradish and poured it all over his salad (thinking it was salad dressing).

Before we knew it, every visitor from China was doing the same!

In the following moments, everyone was digging into their salads and not understanding our instructions of "it's for the beef".

Garden salad is not served in China and with the horseradish it must have been an unusual culinary experience for our guests but a great story for us!"

Laurel Corbiere, MBA
Manager, International Centre for Students
University of Lethbridge

_ _

From the very first - when Bill came to the U of L, he was one of us. He didn't walk around with his nose in the air looking for subservience as so many do. He showed that he was in the trenches with us working for the good of the University.

Bill has been very personable throughout his term as President. I have been working for 2 presidents and working with 1 - Bill Cade.

I hope that says it all. I'm sorry to see Bill go; as we will be loosing a great leader who was with us all the way.

Good Luck Bill. Remember, you are One of the Best.

Joan Zimmer

_ _

"Five years ago, when I was being recruited for the Presidency of Lethbridge College, I did lots of research on the institution and the community. When I found out that Dr. Bill Cade was a fellow Longhorn (we're both graduates of the University of Texas at Austin) I gave him a call to find out his perspective on Lethbridge as well as his impression of the relationship between the U of L and Lethbridge College.

I remember I was between flights somewhere in the US and Bill spent thirty or forty minutes with me on the phone, answering my questions and providing his insights. He also directed me to a U of L student who had transferred over from the College who also was very helpful in providing further information.

Bill and I have been breakfasting regularly since my arrival in Lethbridge. Our biggest challenge is always around remembering whose turn it is to pay. (smile)

Aside from the many transfer arrangements that were already in place, during Bill's tenure Lethbridge College now delivers the first two years of the U of L's Nursing Degree. We are also collaborating on a post-degree program to fast-track new nurses into the workplace. There are other opportunities in discussion as the two Lethbridge institutions look at how best to serve our students.

I have very much enjoyed working with Bill. . . he is a colleague and a friend. I hope we'll still have a chance to catch up over a meal as he continues with his teaching and research at the university. Conversely, I would be happy to visit him in San Antonio. . . perhaps we could take in a football game at UT. Hook 'em, Horns!

Best wishes, Bill!

Dr. Tracy Edwards
President and CEO
Lethbridge College

_ _

"The most memorable thing I remember about Bill Cade (and I have told this story many many times) is that he was here in our office prior to his July 1 start date to meet with Leslie. He spoke to me for perhaps 1 to 2 minutes.

Weeks later, I received a telephone call and picked up the phone answering Good Morning, Registrar's Office and this Texas drawl came back, "Is that you Linda?"

I almost fell off my chair. He met and spoke to many on campus that week he stopped by here and he remembered my name after a two minute conversation! That just blew me away. His incredible memory is an excellent quality and I think he has had a profound impact on those he met which has served the University well.

I would like to wish Elsa and Bill the very best and please know that you will be missed.

Linda Gray
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice-President (Student Services) and Registrar
University of Lethbridge

_ _

When I first met Bill Cade, he made me laugh by 'joking' with me about how uncomfortable he was with all things medical in nature and how he avoided medical issues.

But I began to realize that he must have unknowingly started "Bill's Medical Curse" because suddenly all kinds of large-scale health concerns began affecting the entire university.

Starting with SARS scare/concern in 2003, we had large-scale communicable disease outbreaks of meningitis, mumps, H1N1, norovirus, as well as the other more typical viruses such as HPV, mononucleosis and strep.

We had public health scares with avian flu worries and measles concerns. Of course, then Bill changed his mind about us medical personnel when he had a bit of a health scare himself a few years back and maybe that helped to 'lift the curse'. My best wishes to Bill and his lovely wife Elsa for a HEALTHY and happy retirement!

Lori Weber
University of Lethbridge Health Centre

_ _

I joined the U of L in 2001 and quickly found that Bill and I have a mutual interest in the natural world and especially in Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection.

We have had many interesting conversations over the years about this, about the importance of curiosity regarding the world around us, about politics, and many more topics. Through discussions like these, and through his positive guidance and support in general, Bill has helped make my time at the U of L an extremely rewarding experience.

He truly embodies the liberal education philosophy of the University. All the best for the future, Bill, and thanks for pointing me towards the great talks!

Paul Sparrow-Clarke
Academic Initiatives Manager
Office of the Vice President (Academic)
The University of Lethbridge

_ _

I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Bill and Elsa while I was a student at the U of L through their personal and professional connection to my late brother-in-law John Gill, and my sister Tanya Gill.

I have since transitioned from a student to a proud staff member, and my relationship to the Cade's has strengthened through our shared commitment to Rotary, and our passion for this institution.

One of the distinguishing factors that I consider to be unique to Bill is his uncanny ability to re-ignite a conversation that may have taken place months ago. That fact coupled with his down-to-earth nature make him an inspiring leader and a genuine pleasure to be around.

I am very grateful for my many interactions with these fantastic people, and find comfort in knowing that the profound impact they have had on this campus will live on forever."

Jason Baranec
Project Coordinator
Major Construction Projects
University of Lethbridge

_ _ _

"After the election of 2008, I had the opportunity to meet with Bill Cade at the Legislature in Edmonton. Bill , Bob Turner, and myself sat down for a coffee and a quick chat in the cafeteria, the quick chat turned into a full half hour of visiting like we were old friends.

Bill is a very sincere welcoming man, who converses easily and comfortably with people from all walks of life. Prior to that first meeting I remember thinking to myself that it was going to be an awkward meeting, with not a lot of common issues between us, to discuss outside of the University of Lethbridge, but thankfully I was wrong.

I have been lucky enough to have had many meetings and discussions over the past 2 years, and always the University and Education was Bill's priority.

When I mentioned that my daughter had started her first year at Uof L , Bill encouraged me to have her give him a call and stop by for a visit sometime.

For a few months she procrastinated thinking that he would be too busy and was not really serious. Finally when she did make an appointment to visit Bill, she found that he was not only the University President, but more over he was a friend, a friend from a different walk of life, a friend from a different generation, but someone who made every effort to be a friend.

The world would be a better place if more people were like Bill Cade.

Happy Trails Bill

Evan Berger

_ _

When Dr. & Mrs. Cade arrived in Lethbridge, it became clear quite quickly that their outgoing and positive approach to community involvement was going to make a difference in the connection between the community and the University.

Through their dedicated efforts to contribute to the success of community-based organizations like the Rotary Club of Lethbridge and Economic Development Lethbridge as well as their willingness to invite people into their home and lives, they have left a legacy of positivity and merit for the organization that will linger for a long time.

The University has grown through new facilities but also in terms of influence during Dr. Cade's tenure.

By association, the reputation and respect of our city has also grown. I hope they take a measure of pride in their contributions and that they always retain fond memories of their time here.

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Cheryl Dick
Chief Executive Officer
Economic Development Lethbridge

_ _

As the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Cardston-Taber-Warner Constituency, I wish to share that I enjoyed working with President Bill Cade.

He was extremely diplomatic and a very positive person. I believe he truly liked people and always made those he associated with feel important and useful. He was a friend to all, and I will miss his smile and warm greeting.

Thank you Bill Cade! Best Wishes with your future endeavours!

Broyce Jacobs
MLA Cardston-Taber-Warner

_ _

Dear Dr. Cade,

As you step down as the President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Lethbridge, I am pleased to join with your many friends and colleagues in recognizing your distinguished career.

For the past four decades, you have been an esteemed researcher and educator. As a zoologist and entomologist, your work has brought you great praise, and as an academic
leader, your dedication has earned you the respect and admiration of your peers.

I know that many colleagues and students have benefited greatly from your counsel and guidance.

In addition to your professional work, you have always been active in the community.

This commitment, coupled with your impressive academic work, has won you accolades from many prestigious provincial, national, cultural and educational institutions. I have
no doubt that you will continue to make significant contributions as you turn your focus
to new ventures.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I commend you for your enduring and successful career in research and education. I wish you continued success in all your
future endeavours.


The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada

_ _

Bill Cade… My heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming retirement from the University of Lethbridge.

Students. Staff and the community of Lethbridge have all benefitted greatly from your leadership, ingenuity and success. You can take pride in everything you, and this instituion, have accomplished during your tenure.

Under your leadership, the University of Lethbridge's offerings have evolved to include the School of Graduate Studies and the first-time admission of PhD students. Program decisions like these will help the University to continue to prosper as part of Campus Alberta.

Please accept my best wishes for a fulfilling and healthy retirement. Wherever the road takes you, may happiness follow.

Ed Stelmach
Premier of Alberta

_ _

Bill Cade is one of that rare breed who truly understand all of the roles they're expected to play in their position. He's equal parts academic, administrator, scientist and statesman.

And he can express his passion in each of those roles in a way that everyone can understand, appreciate and share. He can even make crickets sound exciting!

Bill is also the greatest cheerleader the university has ever seen (must be the Texan in him). Under his watch, the U of L has become a stronger community partner and a source of immense pride for all Southern Albertans.

It would be impossible to list all of Bill's accomplishments here. For me, his most enduring legacy will be the passion and joy that was always contagious whenever I spoke with him. I will miss working with him in our official capacities, but I'll always consider Bill a personal friend.

Greg Weadick

_ _

As Regional Minister for Southern Alberta I would like to take a moment to thank you for your years as President at the University of Lethbridge.

You have shown true leadership and dedication to your students and to the community both at the University and across Alberta.

Under your leadership, the University of Lethbridge has become one of Canada's finest institutions and I have been proud to work with you and your team to ensure the University has the resources it needs to continue to be a success.

Congratulations on the past ten years with the University and I wish you all the best on your retirement.

The Honourable Jim Prentice, PC, QC, MP
Minister of the Environment

_ _

Bill Cade is generous, gracious, kind and clear about his commitment to the university and the people involved.

Susan Burrows-Johnson
CEO/Executive Director
Galt Mueseum and Archives

_ _

Although I do not have a long history of knowing Bill and I do not have any specific story to share I do want to acknowledge that he was one of the main reasons I have reengaged with the University of Lethbridge after 18 years.

When I first met Bill Cade in my office in Calgary it was shortly after becoming a donor of the Markin Hall project.

We were discussing the progress and development of the University of Lethbridge and the current projects being undertaken.

As I listened to Bill speak I could feel his passion and excitement for what he was building.

He believed in the University, he believed the people working at the University, and he believed in the difference he was making for the students.

He asked me to become involved with the Advancement Committee and I decided immediately, knowing, that he is a man of action and really does make things happen.

He smiled when I asked him if committee work and my involvement would actually get results - he said - "We want individuals involved with the University that will make a difference".

So, what I am really saying is he is the reason an Alum like myself is involved with the University. Bill's leadership will no doubt be a loss to the University of Lethbridge, however, his vision will be carried on by the next generation.

I wish Bill and Elsa all the best in the future and I look forward to his life updates in the future.

Patrick C. Forrest
Vice-President & Senior Investment Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.

_ _

I extend my warmest congratulations to you on your retirement as President of the University of Lethbridge.

For a decade, you have served as an exceptional visionary, ambassador, and innovator for the university. Through your guidance, the University of Lethbridge has developed a reputation for teaching and research excellence, and it has become a key part of Campus Alberta.

Your participation on numerous committees, boards, and other organizations has been greatly appreciated and I look forward to working together in the near future.

Again, congratulations on such a successful career and best wishes in all your future endeavours.

Doug Horner
Deputy Premier
Minister of Advanced Education and Technology

_ _

Bill Cade was the right person at the right time to continue the University of Lethbridge's progression to an elite comprehensive institution.

During his term, the Alumni Association has almost doubled in size; and, with his encouragement and support, has become an increasingly important component of the University community. Indeed, the University, City, Province and Country will miss Bill and Elsa's involvement, enthusiasm and commitment.

All the best to each of you in the future.

Don Chandler
President, University of Lethbridge Alumni Association

_ _

As a member of the Board of Governors, I would like to thank Bill for his exemplary leadership and I wish him well in his future endeavors. Given all that Bill was responsible for, I admired him for always putting the students first and for his infectious passion for the University if Lethbridge.

Karen Bartsch
Board of Governors Public Member

_ _

I am not sure if I am too late with this but I would like to mention the first tour I went on after a senate meeting of the theater. I made a casual comment to Bill about recruitment for the university while on the tour. By Monday he had John Kincaid in contact with me to follow up on the comment! He doesn't miss a thing!

Also I am not sure you were there when he told the story of the streaker in the new stadium....after an enthusiastic monologue of the young man's escapade, without cracking a smile with his deep Texas accent, he said, "of course my official stance is I am shocked and appalled"". Most of us were nearly in tears laughing by this point.

I am sure you ave lots of things submitted but these are two things I remember that endear him to many.

Mari Dauny
University of Lethbridge Senate Member

_ _

I recall a story told by Bill in his earlier years at the U of L. He arrived at the Coutts border with a collection of insects The Immigration person asked Bill to explain why he was bringing insects into Canada from the USA.

Bill got pissed off and asked if it would be better if he just let all the insects escape. This irked the border patrol person who insisted that Bill would have to wait until an expert academic was called to the border from Calgary to vouch that the insects would not harm Canadians.

This caused Bill to have to wait more than three hours for another academic to vouch for the insects and for Bill, who was and is a first class entymologist.

Insult was added to injury when the entylologist from Calgary signed the form presented to her without even examining the insects.

Not the best WELCOME TO CANADA that Bill ever received. I found it as amusing as Bill latterly did.

Ian McKenna
Retired Faculty member

_ _

Our first meeting was on the diocese for convocation where we shared a rare first impression when he sincerely turned to me and chuckled at a joke.

Southern Albertans pride themselves on their ability to cope with our climate… Imagine my glee when President Cade went above the call of duty to pace his heavy breathing in preparation for a True North Polar Bear sip! This man can do it all.

The one word to describe Dr. Bill Cade is: REAL

Bridget A. Pastoor

_ _

The first time I met Dr. Cade I was impressed with his friendliness and engaging personality. He is personable and makes everyone feel listened to. I have so enjoyed meeting Bill at the Senate meetings and will definitely miss his leadership. I am also impressed with Elsa and her outgoing personality.

They make a wonderful team. P.S. I love Elsa's unique hats...

Ingrid Berg