The University of Lethbridge is committed to the high quality of its programs. Our emphasis on quality programming, on programs that are engaging, challenging, and relevant, requires a robust and effective system of academic quality assurance to ensure we are meeting these standards. We, therefore, have a systematic quality assurance process managed by the cross-faculty Academic Quality Assurance Committee, a committee of the General Faculties Council.  

According to the University of Lethbridge Academic Quality Assurance Policy and Process, academic quality assurance is:

a collection of systematic evaluation processes to monitor and review performance, identify quality outcomes, and recommend improvement of the academic units and programs of The University of Lethbridge.

Reviews are usually conducted once every seven years, or as required. The schedule of reviews is determined by the Academic Quality Assurance Committee, in consultation with the Deans. The chair of the committee and staff in the Provost’s office facilitate the process.