What is My ID Card used for?

Your University ID card is used as your primary identification to show you have active status within the University of Lethbridge Community whether you're a student, faculty, staff or community member. It provides you with access to services and events, swipe access to secured areas and dedicated rooms for specialized courses, and manages Dining Plan funds and Bridge Bucks funds. See Residence Dining Plan information.

If you are a first year student living in on-campus residences you will need your ID card for spending your manditory Dining Plan funds.

If you are planning on using the University of Lethbridge Follow-You Printing service in the ITS Student Computer Labs or the Library Computer, you will need your ID card as well as Bridge Bucks funds.

You will need your ID card to access the sports facilities of the Sport and Recreation Services.

You will need your ID card to use your UPass for Lethbridge Transit.