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I Lost my U of L ID card, what should I do?

Go to the Mycard Manager site and Suspend your ID card as soon as possible

  • Click on the Settings "gear" icon on the top right corner for the "Suspend card" tab
  • The "Card number" you will need to suspend is the one beginning with "6018..."

​If you have no immediate access to the internet, call the ITS Solutions Centre (403-329-2490). This will only protect your Bridge Bucks funds and Dining Plan funds from being used without your knowledge. This deactivated ID card can never be used again and must be replaced by visiting the ITS Solutions Centre (TH218) to regain access to these funds.

Please note - Deactivating your ID card here WILL NOT prevent your ID card from being used for other purposes like door access and Library priviledges. Contact the University Security Office (403-329-2345 or at the L911 location in the LINC building) as soon as possible to deactivate these services as well.