The University ID card is used as their primary identification to show the students status within the University of Lethbridge Community, whether a student, faculty, staff or community member. It provides the student with access to services and events, swipe access to secured areas and dedicated rooms for specialized courses, and manages Dining Plan funds and Bridge Bucks funds.

All first year student living in on-campus residences will need their ID card for spending their mandatory Dining Plan funds.

If a student is planning on using the University of Lethbridge Follow-You Printing service in the ITS Student Computer Labs or the Library computers, they will need their ID card as well as Bridge Bucks funds.

How can I give my Student funds to support them in University?

You can purchase Bridge Bucks funds. These funds are safe and secure and are used all around Campus and CANNOT be used for purchasing alcohol, tobacco products, or lottery tickets.

Bridge Bucks funds are used all around Campus for:

  • Dining Purchases
    • Urban Market - U-Hall
    • Starbucks - LINC Level 9
    • SUBWAY (U-Hall location only)
    • Tim Hortons – 1st Choice Savings Centre
    • Booster Juice - 1st Choice Savings Centre
    • Cutlery + Bakery (C+B) on Level 7 in the Science Commons Building
    • Residence Express - Pizza 73 After Hours Delivery (On Campus Only)
  • Vending Purchases
  • Bookstore Purchases - Student Union Building Level 2
  • Print and Copy
    • Library and Computing Labs
    • Study Centre - U-Hall Atrium
    • Central locations in U-Hall and Anderson Hall
  • All Student Residence Laundry
    • UHall
    • Mt. Blakiston House
    • Piikani House
    • Kainai House

For information on how to purchase Bridge Bucks or Dining Plan funds go to the Adding Funds page.