Master of Science
in Management

Business Analytics

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Course- and project-based MSc (Mgt) | Full- or part-time study | Lethbridge or Calgary Campus

Launch your career in business analytics

With the MSc (Mgt) - BANA, you'll meet industry demand for analytical and data skills in an evolving digital economy

Learn the principles, tools and methods of data analysis throughout this course, and apply them to a real-world business or organizational initiative for your culminating project.

Rather than focus on programming, the Business Analytics concentration (BANA) will see you:

  • Harness big data, statistical analysis and data visualization

  • Communicate data-driven solutions

  • Lead rapid, data-informed decision-making

  • Build skills and experience in predictive business modelling and consulting

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Career pathways:

- data analyst
- portfolio manager
- quantitative analyst
-information security analyst
- IT business analyst
- market research analyst
- process analyst
- data scientist
- management analyst
- machine learning engineer
- data architect
- statistician
- consultant

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