Relocation Allowance

These regulations apply to all Academic, Management, APO and Support staff who are appointed to full-time regular positions, and whose domicile at the time of appointment is beyond a 50-kilometre radius from the University of Lethbridge.

A relocation allowance is made available to new staff members to assist in the cost of the physical removal of themselves, their spouse and dependent children from their last place of domicile at the time of appointment to the University. For the purpose of this regulation, domicile means the permanent residence of the appointee, and unless otherwise specified, shall be understood to mean the place to which the letter of appointment is addressed. It should be noted that only those costs related to relocation which originates from the appointee's domicile, as defined above, will be considered in determining the amount of relocation allowance entitlement. Under no circumstances is the allowance intended to cover the return relocation costs upon completion of the contract with the University of Lethbridge.

The relocation allowance is not intended to cover a variety of personal expenditures associated with the relocation, such as legal fees, commissions on the sale or purchase of property, medical expenses or other expenditures related to immigration requirements, duty on articles brought into Canada, rentals, babysitters, cleaning, loss on sale of assets, vehicle repairs, trailer hitches and other expenditures not directly related to the physical relocation.

The maximum relocation allowance that a new appointee is eligible to receive is specified in the appointment contract. The relocation costs will be reimbursed upon presentation to Financial Services a signed relocation claim form, along with appropriate receipts.

If the new appointee or the spouse of the new appointee is in receipt of a relocation grant or allowance from a previous employer or Canada Employment, this will be taken into account in determining the relocation allowance for which the appointee is eligible from the University of Lethbridge.

Relocation allowances, not to exceed in aggregate the maximum calculated in the foregoing, will be reimbursed in accordance with the following.

Actual transportation costs by the most direct route - economy airfare, ocean passage, or first class rail for each member of the immediate family when supported by fare receipts, and meals en route if not included.

When the appointee's private automobile is used for transportation in lieu of or in combination with public conveyances, an allowance of $.46 cents per kilometer by the most direct route, plus lodging (supported by receipts) and meals for a reasonable number of driving days. The per diem meal rates are set at $20.00 per day for each member of the family equal to or more than eight years of age and $10.00 per day for each member of the family less than eight years of age. An additional $.46 cents per kilometer will be paid where a second motor vehicle is used for transportation, and also where a trailer (caravan) or a similar vehicle is towed for the purpose of providing accommodation en route and/or transporting household and personal effects. A maximum of two vehicles is eligible.

Lodging bills (supported by receipts) and meals at the per diem rate for a maximum of seven days upon arrival, on the recommendation of the supervisor and approval of a senior officer.

Freight and cartage on household and personal effects from the last place of domicile to Lethbridge, supported by receipts. In addition, the cost of packing/unpacking both at the point of domicile and Lethbridge, together with a reasonable amount of insurance on goods shipped, when supported by receipts.

The cost of disconnection and re-connection of household appliances, excluding utility, cable television and telephone connection service fees, when supported by receipts, to a maximum of $50.00.

Arrangements should be made for estimates of freight and cartage costs and direct billing of these charges to the University of Lethbridge by contacting Financial Services.

An advance for relocation costs can be arranged with Financial Services upon arrival at the University of Lethbridge, if necessary.

The entitlement, if any, to a relocation allowance under these regulations will be contained in the confirmation of appointment letter.

Upon receipt of a relocation allowance a Relocation Allowance Agreement must be signed by the appointee.

If the appointee voluntarily leaves the service of the University of Lethbridge prior to the expiration of the term of the appointment or within 24 months from the initial date thereof, whichever period is less, he/she will be required to refund a portion of the relocation allowance on the following basis:

  • For an appointment of 24 months or more, the full amount of the relocation allowance less an amount equal to 1/24 of such allowance for each full month of the appointment actually served.
  • For an appointment of less than 24 months, the full amount of the relocation allowance less that amount equal to the ratio of the period of the appointment actually served, to the required term of the appointment.

The Relocation Allowance Agreement must be signed and submitted to Financial Services to receive the allowance. For questions regarding the allowance, please call (ext. 2398) or email