Facilities: Campus Development

Inspiration in Science may have to do with ideas, but not in Art. In art it is in the senses that are instinctively responsive to the medium of expression

Arthur Erickson

Campus Development (CD) is a distinct department within Facilities that engages in the planning, development and management of all campus space resources of the institution. 

Campus Development is about ensuring that the necessary facilities, equipment and infrastructure are in place for the continued use, growth, refinement and enhancement of the University as prescribed in our Strategic Plan. Our department has developed and adheres to the University Campus Master Plan which guides strategic physical expansion of the entire campus. The master plan ensures viable projects advance the Campus Master Plan in an intentional and consistent manner that intensifies the potential of our campus. Individual projects are realized to collectively create a distinct campus place with a functioning public realm and organization of buildings and spaces that enhance and support the academic setting.

In partnership with the Project Management Office (PMO), Campus Development is responsible for the appropriate planning, design, procurement, and project management of all phases of new campus construction, alterations, and minor renovation projects. Campus Development initiates projects and facilitates the transformation of ideas into a project vision by examining planning criteria and creating key deliverables that establish project outcomes. The PMO oversees and administers all aspects of the construction work up to and including the final closeout.

All capital planning processes for the University are facilitated by this department as both major institutional initiatives and minor renovations. Capital expansion at the university is developed by creating viable projects which are brought about through a Project Delivery Process that provides inception planning analysis and facilitation by Campus Planning and implementation through the Project Management Office (PMO).

Space Management

Space is an essential, but dynamically changing and expensive resource. Campus Development's role is to track and manage space allocation, assess new space requests and make recommendations to Administration. 

Project Planning & Initiation

Campus Development performs inception planning work that produces various deliverables for individual projects. These include Vision Statements and Project ChartersProject Statements, Key Parameters documents and Functional Programs.

Wayfinding & External Signage

Signage systems affect how people navigate our campus. They are intended to supplement public spaces and environments by combining function / form, orientation and direction in a comprehensive aesthetic package.