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Welcome to the Faculty of Education

We are committed to the well-being of our students and partners in determining what the future might look like in the Faculty of Education. As you may be aware, the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education will offer instruction and support for both undergraduate and graduate students with in-person and online delivery of courses. With this in mind—and with the contours of the COVID-19 guidelines in place—we aspire to move forward responsibly delivering quality instruction and support that our undergraduate and graduate programs are known for.

How can we help you?

Connect with us by email for Undergraduate issues at: edu.sps@uleth.ca or by phone at (403) 329-2254; and for Graduate issues at: edu.masters@uleth.ca
University of Lethbridge COVID-19 webpage: http://www.uleth.ca/covid-19


Student Program Services

Undergraduate Advising on Admissions, Program Planning, Graduation & more


Field Experiences 

Forms, guidelines & other resources for off-campus practicum field experiences

Teaching Community

Information for schools, Teacher Associates & Mentors looking to get involved

Curriculum Laboratory

Access to digital, print, and tactile materials for K-12 teaching.

Faculty of Education profile, Jaime Iwaasa: Juggling the demands of career, studies, and family

Students in the Faculty of Education seeking advice about time management would do well to talk to Jaime Iwaasa, a staff member in the faculty’s Field Experiences office. That’s because Jaime is also …

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A Counselling Psychology Program Respected Across Canada: Dr. Kerry Bernes

The work of Dr. Kerry Bernes and his colleagues is so successful that the Faculty of Education now boasts counselling psychology programs respected across Canada, with applicants coming from far and wide …

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Becoming a Teacher: "My culture gives me a unique outlook that influences my daily experiences," Bari Ipaa

“It is important for me to retain a connection to my cultural heritage because there is so much beauty and richness in it,” says Faculty of Education student, Bari Ipaa.

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Dr. Amy von Heyking: High-quality education systems are created through rigorous and collaborative accountability systems

Curriculum-development research has been a passion for Dr. Amy von Heyking, who has examined history curriculum across Canada, along with educational policy surrounding curriculum development and implementation. It's a topic in the news with …

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Education Research on Place-conscious Pedagogy: Creating Curriculum from Local Perspectives with Dr. Sharon Pelech

“I remember trying to teach my students about biomes—they looked at me like I had an extra head,” says Dr. Sharon Pelech of her first teaching job. “Then I took them for a walk ...”

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Dr. Lance Grigg: teaching, research, authentic engagement, and chess for life

As he looks back on his 26 years at the University of Lethbridge, it is clear Dr. Grigg has valued his time in a space that allowed for participation in a rich research and …

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