Budget Briefs

The development and preparation of the University's operating budget is a very complex process.  To help members of the University's community understand the budget process and provide context in how the operating budget is formulated, these "Budget Briefs" have been created to explain different aspects of the creation and implementation of the University's operating budget.

2022-23 Budget Briefs

Budget FAQ's (last updated October 11, 2022)

Budget Values (last updated October 11, 2022)

Investment Management Agreements (last updated October 8, 2022)

Operating Expenses (last updated September 11, 2022)

Tuition Fee Rates (last updated September 11, 2022)

COVID-19 Financial Impact (last updated September 11, 2022)

Budget Process (last updated September 11, 2022)

Labour Disruption Financial Impact (last updated September 11, 2022)

Accounting for Operating Budget Uncertainties in the Planning Process (last updated July 19, 2022)

Operating vs Restricted Budgets (last updated July 18, 2022)

Understanding 2021-2022 Financial Statements and Financial Ratios (last updated July 18, 2022)

University Net Assets (last updated July 18, 2022)

2022-23 Operating Budget Guidelines & Assumptions (last updated July 18, 2022)

Operating Surpluses (last updated June 1, 2022)