Independent Consultation Committee (2021/22 & 2022/23 Budgets)

The Independent Consultation Committee was established in December 2020 to review and comment on the preliminary summary of considerations coming out of the Transformational Restructuring Task Forces 2020-2021, and will apply to the 2021-22 and 2022-23 budget processes.

To support transparency and due process, once the detailed analysis of the issues has been completed by the Task Forces, the Team Lead(s) of the ongoing Task Forces will prepare a summary of the concepts, options or recommendations being considered to be included in a final report and present this summary to the Committee so that the Committee may provide input to inform the final report contents.

The Independent Consultation Committee's responsibility is to review and comment on the preliminary summary of considerations, and to provide a written response report to the Team Lead(s) and applicable Senior Administrator. The Team Lead(s) will share this feedback from the Committee with the membership of the applicable transformational Task Force for consideration prior to finalizing their report and recommendations. The Team Lead(s) will fairly reflect the recommendations of the Independent Consultation Committee in their final report to the applicable Senior Administrator.

There will be one Committee established to review all the preliminary considerations of the Task Forces in order to provide continuity, as well as recognize that there will likely be overlap between the Task Forces where the options presented may impact another Task Force's options.


Please refer to the Independent Consultation Committee's Terms of Reference for more information.