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Culture—and basic questions concerning what it means to be human—defines many of the practical issues we’re faced with daily. We’re excited to have you join this conversation.

Anthropologists attempt to understand the complexities of social and cultural life in local and global contexts, past and present. Traditionally, long-term ethnographic and archaeological fieldwork in other societies has been the hallmark of the anthropological study of the human condition, but anthropologists are also cultural critics considering a vast range of issues in their own societies as well. The anthropological perspective makes significant contributions to fields as diverse as health, education, international development, religion, policy, urban studies, indigenous studies, economics and politics.

Department Highlights

Community Bridge Lab Showcase

Join us to learn more about the Community Bridge Lab, hear what student fellows have been working on over the year, and engage in dialogue about future opportunities.
Friday, April 16, 2024
4:00 PM MST
Andy's Place 

Anthropology News and Events

Anthropology News & Events

Congratulations to Anthropology major Talayna Ekelund to be honoured with University of Lethbridge Volunteer Award!


Fall 2024 ANTH 4850:  Anthropology of the Apocalypse
Fridays 12:00 - 1445 with Jodie Asselin
Winter 2025 ANTH 4850 Heritage, Memory & Preservation
Weds 1200 - 1445 with Andrea Cuellar
Andrea Cuellar
Pre-req for both courses is  ANTH 3000 or permission from the instructor 



Community Bridge Lab

The Community Bridge Lab supports student success in qualitative and community based research

Global Citizen Cohort paves the way for Shining Student Dakota Huddlestun's journey

Participating in the Global Citizen Cohort not only provided Dakota Huddlestun with a smoother transition into university, it helped spark his interest in anthropology, thanks to some passionate professors.

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Shining Graduate Ikinainiahkii (Gently Singing), Camina Weasel Moccasin

Ikinainiahkii, Camina Weasel Moccasin's (BA '13, MA '24) pursuit of graduate studies at ULethbridge was driven by her dedication to Blackfoot culture. Reflected in her thesis focusing on Blackfoot sacred and significant …

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Shining Student Tyra Hercina

Tyra Hercina's professors have played pivotal roles in her University of Lethbridge experience, shaping Tyra's approach to education, and inspiring her to consider a future as a professor of Indigenous studies.

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Career Bridge: Centre for Work-Integrated Learning and Career Development

Career Bridge


Put Your Knowledge to Work 

Whether you’re looking for a more in-depth learning experience by assisting with research projects on campus or by testing your knowledge in a real-life work setting, we can help! The University of Lethbridge is proud to offer you an exceptional opportunity to explore professional development through academic programs and services designed to give you a competitive edge in a fast-changing world.

You have a bright future — experience it via Career Bridge at uLethbridge!

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